Quick Question : How Long Does It Take To Bike 11 Miles?

Before setting on a first ride, many cyclists have one common question, how long does it take to bike 11 miles? For a beginner rider, it takes around 55 minutes to 1 hour to bike 11 miles. For more experienced riders, that same mile may take only 40-50 minutes.

However, how long It Take To bike 11 miles depends on various important factors that affect this time, so keep reading to ensure you know what to expect.

How Long To Cycle 11 Miles?

An average time to cover 1 mile will be 3 to 4 minutes. And 17 – 18mph is an average speed of a fit and active person biking with a good quality bike on the flat and terrain surface. Coming to our question of how long to cycle 11 miles, we can say that it depends on the person who is riding.

How Long Does It Take To Bike 11 Miles

An experienced cyclist with an average speed of 5mph needs just 5 mins to take a cover 1-mile distance. Suppose you are a novice or recreational rider, then it can take 9 – 10 mins for 1 mile.

Let us take an example to understand it further, and the professional riders will bike 2 or more miles in the given time, whereas an average person cycling for fun takes over 6 mins at 10mph speed to complete one mile.

If you are riding on a sloping hill, it will take you 7 mins to go up and one minute to go down. The best way to know how long it takes for you to bike 11 miles will be to decide how fast you may complete 1 mile. 

Variables of Cycling 11 Miles


For instance, fitness plays a significant role and is a primary thing to consider when determining how long it takes to bike 11 miles. 

Suppose you are not an active person, nothing to worry about. Biking is quite intuitive and easy. Once you start cycling, you will be surprised to learn how far you may travel without the sweat. But, that does not mean 11 miles is a simple thing. If you are not a fit and active person, you will have to struggle to complete 11 miles. 

With an average pace and stops in between, an 11-mile ride is possible. For the brand new cyclist, give yourself 90 – 120 minutes to cover 11 miles. Just ensure that you are properly adjusted to the seat, or you may not complete it on time. 

The 11-Mile Route

An average for an 11-mile ride on a bike is between 50 minutes to 1 hour. If a rider is a novice, it’s likely to mark 1 hour. The average speed for the rides increases with time, so time to bike 11 miles will be reduced slowly.

When it comes to the average speeds, cyclists must consider how long they sustain an extended time. 


The bike gear you use can have a strong impact on how fast you are on your ride. A person on the left will have huge potential. With uncomfortable clothing and biking gear, it is unlikely he can go fast! Hence, you have to get the right biking kit if you want to do serious biking. ​ 

Other Factors 

  • Your bike type also plays a major role in your speed that you can cover the distance. If you are riding on the carbon frame bike would be faster than your sixthreezero cruisers. Also, you need to make sure your bike is perfectly constructed and properly fitted. 
  • Weather can also affect your riding speed. Weather conditions and wind flow are two important factors that can impact your riding speed. Rain can result in slippery roads, slick, and mud that will make your riding unsafe and difficult.

So, How Long Does It Take To Cycle 11 Miles?

There are different answers to the above question as the time varies from one person to another. But, we can easily estimate an average time taken and look in detail when considering different situations:

  • Leisure ride: 6 mins 
  • Flat road ride: 3 to 4 mins 
  • Downhill: 1 min 
  • Expert rider: 2.14 mins 

Cycling More Than 11 Miles

Though it is tough for any person to cover 11 miles at a stable speed. There are chances you will have to slow down eventually and take one quick break, and continue riding again.

While calculating, cycling more than 11 miles must take 50 mins to 1 hour, but realistically, it can take you a little more. Check out the list of cycling with a speed of 18 mph:

DistanceBike with 18 mph speed (approx.)
1 mile3 mins
2 miles6 mins
3 miles10 mins
4 miles13 mins
5 miles16 mins & 40 sec
6 miles20 mins
7 miles23 mins & 20 sec
8 miles26 mins & 40 sec
9 miles30 mins
10 miles33 mins & 20 sec
11 miles36 mins & 40 sec
12 miles40 mins
13 miles43 mins & 20 sec
14 miles46 mins & 40 sec
15 miles50 mins


Like you may see, how long does it take to bike 11 miles? There is no accurate answer to the question, but there can be specific estimates that will help determine the perfect speed depending on various other factors.

But try to test the duration on your own. You can record the duration you take for covering 1 mile over different circumstances, terrain, and weather conditions to see if you can improve with time. When you get active or set the time, try to maintain it for long.

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