24-Inch Bike for What Size Person – Know Your Perfect Bike Size

A 24 inch bike for people with small heights ranging from 4 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 4 inches or 140 to 165 centimeters. This size bike is suitable for children between 8 to 10 years or adults of small height.

If you plan to participate in mountain biking, road biking, or even touring, investing in the right bike size is crucial for cycling pleasure.

While you might find several bikes that you love, it is often difficult to find a bike that is the right size.

Well, 24-Inch bikes are suitable for young children, teenagers, and even women.

Here are a few tips for identifying 24-inch bike size for what type of person.

What Do 24-Inch Bikes Mean?

This is a term used when referring to the wheel size. This characteristic is not common to most bikes. However, if you happen to be less heavy than the average adult’s weight, this product is suitable for you.

24-Inch Bike for What Size Person

24-Inch bikes are also used when referring to the frame of the bike.

24-Inch bikes are made to accommodate individuals with a larger body frame. They are more extensive when compared to other frames in the market.

 So take that ride without fear of falling over.

Types of 24-Inch Bikes

(i) 24 Inches Mountain Bikes

Thinking about a gift for your little one?

Designed for young adventurers, the 24 inches’ mountain bike is the perfect gift for 7 to 10 years old. Due to its lower frame, kids can stand over and hop on and off.

Children can also ride confidently on pavements or trails due to their comfortable size without causing fatigue.

The 24-inch frame mountain bike will offer you the perfect experience if you weigh a little heavier than 300 pounds or you have a long inseam.

(ii) 24 Inches Road Bikes

This is a typical endurance bike suitable for your daily use. It is also suitable for young kids.

This bike is designed with a small wheel size to minimize speed and is not suitable for racing. It is equipped with an extended seat and low handlebars, giving you a more relaxed position when riding.

(iii) 24 Inches Hybrid Bike

These bikes come configured to give you a smooth ride over any urban terrain.

The small wheels and shifters give the bike enough range to get through all inclines.

However, they are inappropriate for a large body as you would have to bend your knee, giving you a poor cycling experience.

(iv) 24 Inches City Bikes

These bikes can be conveniently used in the city. Of course, no bikes are specifically meant to be used in the city alone. It would, however, be challenging to use a mountain bike to commute to work every day, right?

24 Inches city bikes are customized with hybrid wheel size and road bike frame size. This makes it more versatile and compact as compared to all the other bikes. The 24-inch wheel size is the most suitable for this bike’s criteria.

What size of person fits a 24-inch bike size?

If you are considering buying a bike, this does not have to be a complicated hassle. For both the road bike and the mountain bike, locating the right size of the bike is a crucial decision.

So how do you know if you are the appropriate size for a 24-inch bike?

Children aged 8 to 12 years old with an average height of 50 to 58 inches can conveniently use the 24-inch bike size. Your children will be able to ride for long periods with proper posture.

The bikes come equipped with 2 to 3 inches saddles, which is higher than your children’s inseam. The saddles allow them to bend their knees comfortably.

The 24-inch bike has a heavyweight capacity and can carry up to 250 pounds.

Is a 24-Inch Bike Good For Adults?

Are you concerned about whether you can ride a 24-inch bike? Of course, you can as long as it fits. It will, however, not be as comfortable as it’s mostly designed for young children.

24-Inch bikes can, however, serve as a perfect ride for women. Women with wider hips will, however, find the bikes uncomfortable.

24-Inch bikes have narrower components and lighter frames; hence they may not be suitable for an adult male. It is essential to note that different points of measurement are used for mountain bikes and road bikes.

Is a 24-Inch Bike Too Small For A Woman?

For women with a below-average body stature, finding the right bike is a difficult task to fulfil.

 If your height is above the typical 5-foot mark, you will find that gripping handlebars is difficult as it prompts you to lean forward until you are no longer sitting.

While considering more than a single measurement when buying a bike, a 24-inch bike can provide a perfect ride for a woman.

An ideal bike will have :

  • Smaller grips
  • Shorter cranks
  • Narrower pedals
  • Lighter suspension
  • Shorter seat tubes

What Age Is a 24-Inch Bike For?

The 24-inch bike is a perfect fit for children between the ages of 8 and 10 years. However, if the size fits, take the bike and enjoy the ride.

What Age is a 24-Inch BMX Bike For?

If you are searching for a bike that will give you the riding thrill with the ability to cruise around and jump some curbs, the 24-inch BMX is ideal for this. It is also the second-largest of the kid’s bikes and is ideal for children between 8 and 13 years.

It is designed to function as a mountain bike ad is equipped with the necessary gears and suspension forks.

How to know if you fit a 24-inch bike or not?

Children between the age of 8 to 10 with an average height of 49 to 59 inches can comfortably use the 24-inch bike. While most children will fall within this category, it is essential to note that other children could have different measurements.

Here is a guide for 24-inch bike size for what type of person according to Felt Racing,

Age RangeInseam LengthApprox. HeightBike Wheel Size
2 to 3 years old 15 inches to 18 inches 36 inches to 39 inches 12 inches
2 to 4 years old 15 inches to 20 inches 37 inches to 44 inches 14 inches
4 to 6 years old 16 inches to 22 inches 41 inches to 48 inches 16 inches
5 to 8 years old 19 inches to 25 inches 45 inches to 54 inches 20 inches
8 to 10 years old 23 inches to 28 inches 49 inches to 59 inches 24 inches
10 years old and above 25 inches and up 56 inches and up 26 inches


For a well-deserved riding experience, put into consideration all factors while purchasing a bike. Customize where possible and make necessary adjustments for a comfortable ride.

What suits one person may not necessarily suit all.

Where the grips are too thick, consider changing them if replicable. You can also change a very narrow seat to one that suits you best.

With different manufacturers identifying the plights of many riders, most bikes come with the ability to tailor your own needs for a comfortable ride.

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