How To Measure Inside Leg For Bike?

Do you face difficulty in finding a bike that fits your height, leg length, flexibility, and riding style? If yes, then sit back and relax as we are here to help you. We all know, a bike that doesn’t fit properly might result in ineffective riding, muscle ache, body pains, and general discomfort. As a result, you may stop riding for as far as you wish.

How To Measure Inside Leg For Bike

But don’t you worry as we will solve your problem within the next few minutes. To measure the inside leg for bike, stand with your legs opening in the exact size of your shoulders’ width. Now, remove the shoes and measure the ground up to the groin.

Measuring inside leg is not a challenging task. To know more about leg length measurement and bike sizes, read this article till the end as a five-minute read will solve all your difficulties in finding a perfect bike. Keep scrolling to have more insight.

How To Measure Inside Leg For Adults? /

The most crucial factor to examine when picking the correct frame size for your bike is your inside leg length. So you must know how to calculate it properly. To measure the inside leg for adults, all you have to do is follow the below steps.

Things Required 

  • Notebook
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil and 
  • A person help 

 Steps Involved In Measurement 

  1. Stand straight, and place your back against the wall and your feet 6-8 inches apart. 
  2. Then place your notebook between your legs, keep your spine straight, and lift the book until it resembles a bike seat positioned between your legs.
  3. Ask a person to mark the top of a notebook with a pencil. 
  4. Finally, using a measuring, determine the distance between the top of the pencil mark and the ground.
  5. To ensure accuracy, repeat the measurement a couple of times.  

However, another method for leg length measurements is simply to stand straight, with your legs relatively shoulder-width apart and your shoes off. Then with the measuring tape, measure the distance from the ground up to the groin region. And you are done.

How To Measure Inside Leg For Children?

When it comes to purchasing a brand new bike for your child, age isn’t always the best indicator because children grow in different ways. However, there is no normal leg length or height for each age group. But to guarantee that the bike size is proper, perform these simple steps:

  1. Ask children to stand against a wall in their socks.
  2. Place a book or ruler as high as possible between their legs.
  3. Ask them to slowly and gradually move away from the wall, then measure the distance in centimeters or inches from top of the book to the floor.
  4. You may then use the calculator to calculate the ideal bike size for your child, depending on their leg length and age. 

Why Is It Necessary To Measure Inside Leg For Bike? 

It is necessary because your inside leg length measurement confirms that your bike’s stand-over height (distance from top tube of bike frame to ground) is sufficient for you.

However, your height and Inside leg length are important dimensions for your bike size, but inseam length measurement is most important because it gives accuracy.

Moreover, your saddle setting depends upon your leg length. Suppose you have the lowest inside leg length, then your saddle will be at the lowest setting while the highest length refers to the saddle’s highest setting.

So if you choose the minimal length, it will last a little longer in terms of fit. Although you’ll be able to get down on your feet on the ground safely and comfortably if you make sure you have the suitable sizes.

How To Choose A Bike Size That Fits Your Needs? 

The size of your bike is determined by the type of bike you like. Road bikes are available in all sizes ranges from small to large, while mountain and hybrid bikes are only available in medium and large sizes.

Moreover, you can check the stand over height in relation to your inseam as well as the space between them to get the perfect-sized bike.

So if your inseam is 30 inches, a road bike with a stand over height of 31 inches and a mountain bike with 32 or 33 inches are the best option.

Subsequently, you can also choose a bike that offers you advanced features like seat and stem length adjustment. So if you have these factors in your mind, you can easily bring the perfect sized bike that fits your needs.

Why Are Bike Sizes Important? 

Bike sizes are crucial to consider because a properly sized bike will be more comfortable, efficient, and pleasurable to ride. The size of the bike influences your body position, therefore, you should choose it wisely. Moreover, riding a bike that is too small or too large might cause a variety of issues. For your convenience, we have discussed a few of them. 

Back Ache

Whether you are using a simple road bike for a short distance or a mountain bike for a larger distance, your good posture is very important. So riding on a bike that is too small or too large will cause lower back pain. Therefore choose the correct size that fits your body frame.


Getting the right size bike is important because you will have the right stance and leg posture to get the most out of each pedal efficiency without straining. Otherwise, you’ll have to use a lot of power to get your bike started, which can cause tiredness.

Wrist Pain

If you spend a lot of time riding on a too big or small bike, then your wrist will bear some stress because of the incorrect placement. The strain on your wrist will increase as a result of your body’s position.

Moreover, if the bike frame is too big, you’ll have to reach further to control the bike with the handlebar, which is not ideal as it put more pressure on your wrist and resulting in severe pain. 

High Accident Risks

You have considerably more control over the bike overall when the bike is appropriate for your size. But if you ride a bike too big for your size, you will lose control over it, which increases your risks for accidents. 


Summing it all, you’ll enjoy riding a bike that is comfortable and appropriate for your height, flexibility, and riding style. However, choosing the correct bike length isn’t only about comfort, it may also help you avoid injury and provide you with a better experience.

We hope after reading our article, you will be able to make the right decision for your bike selection. As we have enclosed all the necessary information regarding it.

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