Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Brands For The Money – You Should Know

Want to experience the thrill of riding over a rocky terrain?

Then, on those inclines and declines, only a mountain bike can efficiently handle the obstacles found. But, are you confused thinking what the best mountain bike brands to select to buy?

Searching different brands and finding out the best one is obviously a tedious task. But to make your task easier, we’ve researched on different brands and finally picked top 10 best mountain bike brands.

Just go through our informative discussion on top mountain bike brands and find the one that best suits your need.

After a vast research, we’ve selected YETI, KONA, GT, CANNONDALE, TREK, SANTA CRUZ, GIANT, IBIS, MERIDA, and CUBE- as the top 10 best mountain bike brands for the money.

Top 10 best mountain bike brands for the money

Best Mountain Bike Brands

1 Yeti Cycles

YETI is a high-end mountain bike company established in 1985. Their passion is to harmonize their bike design to ensure the best riding experience.

Why are YETI mountain bikes so unique?

Versatility in design and application of the latest technology available. All of their mountain bikes are tested at the limits of trails, populated states as well. Yeti, specialized already-excellent mountain bike, is for you to satisfy most of your biking needs.

Top Features

  • Excellent for trail
  • Gorgeous looking
  • Build with advanced materials
  • A lot of options to choose from

2 KONA Mountain Bikes

Established in1988, KONA is one of the best mountain bike brands. One of their specialties is that some keen cyclist employees empower them. So, all their bikes are designed based on practical riding experiences.

If you want solidity, precision, and durability in mountain bike at a reasonable price, Kona mountain bikes are the best option for you. Choose the best mountain bike according to your needs from KONA.

Top Features

  • Designed by the cyclist
  • Good built quality
  • Great components
  • Great bike for a beginner and intermediate rider

3 GT Bikes

GT brands are well known for their fastest mountain bike. It’s a premium bike brand that uses the best design techniques to offer some amazing looking mountain bikes.

If you want speed as well as excellent quality, GT is the best option for you. No matter, how you like to ride, GT brand technologies ensure comfort, performance, and safe riding.

All of their mountain bikes are tested in the most challenging conditions around the world. What is the GT mountain bike’s specialty? – All the premium features at an average price.

Top Features

  • Designed for speed and power
  • Offer high level of performances
  • Angle Optimized Suspension
  • Competitive price


Established in 1971, Cannondale is one of the pioneer brands featuring the latest technology. Cannondale is well known for their fantastic, innovative and lightweight design. Their mountain bikes are an equally good performer for riding both uphill and downhill.

Top Features

  • Innovative and lightweight design
  • Perfect for male and female riders
  • Offers more stability and more control

5 Trek Bikes

Established in 1976, TREK is now the leader in the mountain bike industries. Integrated with the most advanced technology, Trek mountain bikes come with all the features and innovation that you need. Whether you climb or descend, Trek mountain bikes are your do-more bike. Trek offers a range of electric mountain bikes designed in both Hardtail and full-suspension for men as well as women.

Trek bikes are available in 90 countries worldwide from a huge network feature.

Top Features

  • No-compromise performance
  • Any-situation versatility
  • Exclusive suspension technology
  • Exceedingly climbing and descend capability
  • Guaranteed quality


Santa Cruz is one of the leading mountain bike brands in the world. Santa Cruz mountain bike is designed by a passionate group of experts who are continually working to offer unique and reliable mountain bike.

Currently, their mountain bike range includes 16 advanced technology unique mountain bikes. Each of this MTB represents their unique stamp of quality to give you an unparalleled riding experience.

Top Features

  • Strong and stiff frame
  • Highest-quality
  • Cost-effective

7 GIANT Bikes

Innovation or craftsmanship- whatever you’re looking for, you’ll get the combination of both in Giant mountain bike. Established in 1972, Giant is well known for its highest performing and most affordable mountain bike.

Hardtail or suspension, 29er or 27.5-inch wheels- Giant offers the extensive range of mountain bike. Giant MTB comes in two versions- Standard version and advanced version. Both of these versions feature advanced technology to give you excellent riding experience.

Top Features

  • Innovative design
  • Higher-end components
  • Excellent capabilities
  • Reliable
  • Actually affordable

8 IBIS Cycles

Ibis is a well- known brand name for its inspirational quality mountain bike. This is a brand whose reputation is based on the latest carbon fiber materials and manufacturing process.

Due to employing this advanced materials and technology, Ibis mountain bikes are 10 times stronger than chrome-moly steel and 20 times stronger than an aluminum frame bike.

Ibis mountain bikes are the most innovative, finest bike on the planet.

Top Features

  • Lightweight, efficient, confidence inspiring
  • Excellent climbing and descend capability
  • A great balance of geometry and pedaling performance
  • Incredibly versatile

9 Merida

If you’re looking for an excellent downhill mountain bike, Merida is the best option for you. Merida is a well-known brand featuring superb frames and high-quality components.

Merida offers a large range of Hardtail or full-suspension mountain bikes for men and women, including the popular Merida Big Nine and Big Seven. All of these models are available to all skill levels and all budgets.

Top Features

  • High-Quality Component
  • Durable To Trail Biking
  • Affordable

10 Cube Bikes

Established in 1993, Cube has become one of the best-renowned mountain bike brands because of their high-quality components along with stylish looking.

Cube uses the “Agile Ride Geometry (ARG)” that reduce drag and improve mobility. Cube offers a full range of mountain bike including full suspension and hardtail. Cube mountain bikes are uncompromising in both design and quality. Their current additions are 29” and 27.5’ wheel that makes hitting the trails harder and rolling over rough terrain easier.

Top Features

  • Excellent quality
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Multi-colored design
  • Hardy and reliable


Thanks for your interest and patience to read our article on top 10 best mountain bike brands for the money.

Hopefully, by now you’ve got some idea of the best mountain bike brands and you’re now pretty sure what type of riding you’ll be doing and for that what brand of the mountain bike is perfect for you.

Our intention here is to help you to find the best mountain bike of the best brands that offer great performance as well as excellent quality.

All the brands we discussed above are highest scoring bikes that fit your need and budget.

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