What Size Bike for A 7 Year Old?

What Size Bike for A 7 Year Old

An important and memorable milestone in any child’s life is the day they learn to ride a bike. Yes, riding a bike may not be an effortless task for a seven year old who has never ridden a bike before, but with the right-sized bike, you can rest assured that a seven year old will … Read more

How Long Do Road Bike Tires Last?

How Long Do Road Bike Tires Last

Are you facing issues or feeling uncomfortable while riding your bike? It may be because of your tires. One of the prevalent issues that cyclists face is the lifespan of road bike tires.  How long do road bike tires last? The simple and easy answer is your road bike tires should last between 1,000 and … Read more

Is 9 Speed Good Enough? Here’s The Answer

Is 9 Speed Good Enough

Do you know how many gears your bike has? Is 9 speed good enough for billing on all types of terrains? Being a cyclist, you must know how to use the gears properly to generate the best power from them. Learning the principles of how gears function and the consequence that changing the size of … Read more