Are Road Bikes Good for Long Distance?

Sometimes the most beautiful thing can be not putting a meaning to a thing and just seeing.

Who doesn’t want to explore nature and the environment?

Road bikes allow you to have the experience of exploring. Go through the passage, and You’ll get to know are road bikes good for long distances.

What Bikes Are Good For Long Distances?

For long-distance traveling, there can be many options. For your ease, we are dividing it into three categories.

  • Mountain bike with front suspension
  • Cyclocross or touring bike
  • Hybrid Bicycle

Are Road Bikes Good For Long Distance?

There are different variations of bikes that serve different purposes. One bike can be good for one road and not good for another. Let’s discuss why these bikes are good for long-distance and also we are going to add where this bike performs best.

Are Road Bikes Good for Long Distance

Distance is not a big issue if you are a fan of road bikes. It is easier to cycle long distances on road bikes. If someone is going for more than 80 km, a road bike’s speed and efficiency can top any other bike.

Now come the advantages and disadvantages of road bikes in long rides. If you are focused on a race, this is an amazing choice. But if you are going for a tour, then it’s not. Road bikes were not geometrically made so that one can fully enjoy the scenery properly and ride.

Road bikes are substantially lighter, so you can ride towards top areas easily. But it isn’t exactly made for mountain biking.

Beginner Tips for Long Distance Cycling

This one is the most asked question about long-distance cycling. Whether smooth cycleways or through rugged roads, choosing an appropriate bike for you is no easy task, this is not a simple task to perform within minutes. You need to check a lot of different settings of different bikes to get your ideal one finally.

There could be multiple options before you can finally find your ideal bike. Here we have broken down your options into three sweetly categories to choose from. Pick according to your needs and desires.

(i) Mountain bike with front suspension

This can be the most versatile choice for any biker who is thinking of a tour. For off-road, it provides suspension and relative comfort. It has a thinner set of tires which is very good for paved roads as well.

It has some drawbacks, which conclude it is a little slower, a little heavier, and a little less efficient than other bikes on the pavement. Having locking front suspension can be used in really good ways. For example, one can lock out the suspension on smooth roads and engage the suspension on rougher roads. People are mostly seen to use this on tours crossing rugged terrain.

(ii) Cyclocross AKA touring bike

Cyclocross bikes are becoming more common and popular among travelers. They combined the ruggedness of a mountain bike with the speed and efficiency of a road bike. These bikes are kinda similar in looks to classic touring bikes. They have disadvantages; for instance, they have wider tires but do not have suspension, so that you might get challenged on the rougher off-road section.

People have different needs and demands. Go for it If the road is good and you prefer speed over comfort.

(iii) Hybrid Bicycle

This bike comes with wheel size as a cyclocross bike, but with straight handlebars instead of drop bars. Sometimes a hybrid has both front and seat posts. These bikes are more for comfort and leisure than performance. They have more of an upright position for seating.

This is suggested mainly for those who love to go on trips because. This allows you to get comfy and also get the whole view as well. This is not always designed for rugged terrain but has enough mounts for racks and bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is Riding A Road Bike Difficult?

This can depend on the person riding the road bike. Road bikes are not something that is newly invented. These bikes have been here on earth for more than 100 years. They have become lighter, better fitting, comfort and they also have easier gears. Imagine you were born back 100 years ago, then things might have been harder for you.

Let’s introduce you to some reason why new road bikes are not as hard as you think.

(i) Old gear new gear

There used to be a single cog on the original road bike, which was a fixed part of the rear wheel.

Then we move to a freewheel which is a single gear. This can give you a coast. Now you can use 12 gear on a cassette set.

The number of gears is the most critical part. After that, we started adding teeth cog with the gear. The higher number of teeth indicates how low the gear is.

One can now get bikes with 34 tooth cog. If you want to ride through the mountain, add a Mountain bike kit that will allow you to go up to 50 tooth cogs. Now you can easily go riding mountains.

(ii) Comfy riding

The old bike settings changed radically. The rear gearing started to get supported by two front rings.

The common practice was 53 teeth big gear with a 39 teeth lower ring. This started to get disliked because of its knee-killing tech. It used to put a lot of strain on your knees.

But a little after that, we finally figured out the magic combination. They became a 50 tooth ring with a 34 tooth ring. This lower in size means you can ride without putting strain, which is amazing news for any bikers.

(iii) I can’t stand the wind

The biggest enemy a biker can have is windy weather. One of the first things that a beginner will learn while riding is that the wind is his mortal enemy. But thankfully now this problem is quite sorted out.

Now we have aero bikes known for cutting through the wind like butter with a burning knife. They look way flatter than other usual bikes. But as I say, the wind is the mortal enemy; even this bike can’t stand the storm-force wind. It’s better to stay at the house if the wind is that strong.

(iv) Let’s do something about the shape.

Bikes were first invented and used for races. They were made to focus on getting to the destination faster. They didn’t care about what happened to the rider. Now that we think about it and now it may sound pretty crazy. After the realization, the bike companies started to aim at making bikes based on comfort.

The design was created to make the rides easier for mortals. The main focus was to make mass participation in cycle race-type events.

The head tube becomes taller, also accompanied by a higher seat. This makes you have an easy grip and also puts less strain on your back. Additionally, this also gives you a faster riding experience.

2. Can A Road Bike Be Used For Touring?

Road bikes can be used for touring. I mean, a person can use it for touring. But one thing to remember is, a road bike might not give you the best of comfort. Touring bikes or hybrid bikes might be a much better option compared to that.

3. How Many Miles Can You Get Out of A Road Bike?

Giving adequate maintenance, one can get up to 50,000 miles out of a road bike. It’s better to get a new one after 50000 miles.

But it is seen that if you treasure your bike, you can maybe ride a lot more than that. This is just a basic suggestion for your riders.

Based on many reviews, it’s seen people who aren’t everyday riders get their frame to fail after 40000 miles. And usually brake after 35000 miles, and pedals wear off after 20000 miles.

4. How Much Faster Is A Road Bike vs. Hybrid?

Do a general comparison, and you’ll understand that road bikes are at least 20 percent faster than any hybrid bikes. If the rider is a cyclist, then the difference will be more. If anyone is focusing on speed, then road bikes are a better choice. It is also quite comfortable but not good for enjoying the scenery.

5. Why Are Road Bikes So Much Faster?

There are many reasons behind road bikes being so fast.

Road bikes have dropped handlebars and which gives them an aerodynamic advantage. And road bikes made out of carbon fibers a lot lighter and stronger, adding more speed to the ride.

The design of 24 mm tires can support the frame and also reduce road drag.

The forward downturned posture gives you strain relief and better speed.

Road bikes have bigger chainrings. Another thing about road bikes is their gears are different from those on the hybrid. Having the right gear ratio makes it easy to go uphill with less effort.


Here we articulated enough reason to get a well-shaped understanding of “are road bikes good for long-distance?”. These are all the basics you need to know to understand road bikes’ capabilities and those other variable options.

Hope this helps you to get your dream bike. Happy riding.

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