What’s The Average mph On A Bike?

Road bikes are known to be a person’s best friend. Many people’s life starts with getting a bike as a birthday present in their early years. This gives kids freedom, a sense of exploring from getting a bike.

Here we will discuss the average mph on the bike. The average speed on a bike depends on people, location, age group, and many other aspects. We hope this will give you enough information before you want to get a good bike.

Average Bike Speed For Beginners

We will start this assuming someone is a newbie. Then he needs 2-3 weeks approximately to learn how to ride. Then they should go for a 10-20 minutes ride; starting with a 10-minute ride is good. Then they should gradually learn to speed up.

the average mph on a bike

After that, they should ride for more than 2-3 weeks to learn how to buckle up their stamina. Then finally, they would be ready to go for 10 mph daily biking within 8 weeks.

For beginners, it’s better to keep their speed between 5-10 mph. Going too fast might be troublesome for beginners. This may cause a lot of strain. This is why you start slow and gradually increase your speed alongside your stamina.

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Average Speed Bike Commuting

People usually bike commute to their institute and workplace. There are no correct numbers for that, and this is a comparison followed by many situations.

For instance, In the Netherlands, it is very common for students to take 24 miles daily traveling. Which is common for these people might turn out to be very hard for other people. Going 24 miles daily is quite impressive, but at the same time, many people can’t perform that.

There are many aspects here that can help determine the average speed for bike commuting. How much stamina a person has? How is the weather where you are riding? What kind of bike are you using? This all matters.

If you are using a classic bike, then 15mph is a lot. Road bikes, hybrid, or mountain bikes might help you get there with less effort and pain. The weather matters a lot when determining how much distance one needs to cross.

Windy weather puts bikers in a tough position, but wind pushing from your back will even give you some help reaching the destination.

The distance of the workplace also matters. If it’s far and you can’t maintain the time and stamina, then that’s a bad choice.

6 to 10 mph is considerably the moderate average choice for bike commuting. If you have the stamina or are using an electric bike, you can more than that.

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Average Speed Bike Touring

Bike touring brings amazing experiences into people’s lives. When we talk about touring, this is not just a matter of ride. This is you into the unknown and a lot of new experience. You and your gears have to sit on the bike when planning for a bike tour.

Let’s talk about on-road touring. For example, suppose you are carrying some 20-pound gear, then in the hilly track, you will be crossing 10 mph for 5 hours, and the journey will be somewhat 50 miles.

For the same weight gear, In flat terrain, we can speed up to 13 mph average speed, and in 5 hours, we will cross somewhat 65 miles.

In off-road touring, with 20-pound gear, one can go for 10 mph for 5 hours and reach up to 50 miles on the flat road. With the same pounds, one can go 8 mph on the hilly road.

In flat off-road with 40 pound gear, one can go 8mph for 5 hours and reach 40 miles. With this same 40 pound, one can reach 5mph on hilly terrain where you can cross 25 miles in 5 hours.

Average Cycling Speed By Age

Children from little to age ten can reach up to 5 mph. Teenagers can ride up to 9 – 18 mph, which is the average speed for riders worldwide. 41 to 64 years, average speed 10.6 to 11.8 mph.

Over 64 years, average speed 8.1 to 8.7 mph.

What’s The Average mph On A Bike?

The average is 15-18mph for bikes. Some other researchers say the average speed on bikes throughout the whole world is 13-17 mph. We can generate an idea that the average mph for riders worldwide is somewhere between 13 to 18 mph.

But general people usually go 9-13mph. There are many pro cyclists throughout the world, and that’s why the average result tends to be way higher than 9 to 13 mph.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Is 20 mph fast on a bike?

The average riding speed for a person is 15-18 mph. Is the speed fast or not depends on the rider. As the speed is more than average riders, then one might consider it fast.

But, if we are talking about pro cyclists, then definitely that’s not fast in any way. Even for people who go for a long tour and long highway rides, it is not considered fast. Some people want to ride slowly, somewhere around 10mph. For those people, this speed is quite fast.

The place matters when we talk about speed. There is a place that doesn’t allow bikes to go this fast, and there are some other places where the traffic will bother one to go with this speed.

Q2. Is 27 mph on a bike fast?

This speed is considered fast. A pro tip will be not to try to go for this speed unless you are a pro cyclist. This is the speed of some of the world’s best cyclists. That’s why this speed is considered to be fast.

Q3. How fast is 10 mph on a bike?

This is not much of a huge distance if we are talking about biking. There are many videos out there in VR that will let you know how fast it feels riding a bike. Other than that, we can say it’s not that much of a speed.

It’s known that average riders ride around 15-18 km on bikes. This result tells us that it should not be a big deal. Maybe if you are a comfort lover, then you can go as slow as you like.

Another thing is 10 miles per hour is not too slow of a distance either. Biking is not always about speed and more about the experience and the feelings.

Q4. Is 30 mph fast on a bike?

This is quite high of a speed when you are riding a bike. The new trended electric bike can go up to 30mph and is considered to be quite high.

This might look normal when someone is on a car ride. That’s because they have a windshield, and they can’t feel the wind. This is why when someone rides a motorbike at 90km might feel the speed a lot; someone riding a car might not even feel the speed.

When we look at pro cyclists, we see that their average speed is 25-28 mph. That’s because they are professionals, and they have been practicing it a lot.

For average riders, the riding speed is considered around 15-18mph. That explains the whole thing that 30mph is quite high when someone is riding a bike.

This is recommended not to cross the average limit if someone does not have a lot of riding experience. The average mph on a bike is 15-18mph. If someone wants to go fast, then they should slowly propel their way to more speed. The handling of a bike is something that is a gradual learning thing.

Q5. Is a lighter bike faster?

Lighter bikes tend to be faster. When we look into road bikes or touring bikes, we can see the raw material in frame matters. Usually, all we see is that the frame is made out of aluminum.

For people who use bikes that have a carbon fiber frame, the bike goes way faster. The carbon fiber body is much lighter, and it helps people to go faster than other frames. The lighter frame gives the bike an extra boost.

Another technology that is used in lighter bikes is aero tech. This aero tech is, in short, for aerodynamic technology. This technology helps the rider cut wind like butter, and it helps a biker in difficult windy times.

These are the reasons a light bike goes faster compared to a heavier one. As it is based on pedals, the lighter weight is easier to go.

Q6. How fast are pro cyclists?

Pro cyclists can top up to 30mph. The average pro cyclists can turn their speed up to 25-28 mph. And if they are riding down a hill track, then they can go beyond that speed. This is the basic speed of an average rider.


This articulates the detailed information of what you want to know about bike speed. From beginners to pro cyclists, you can know all of their average speeds from this article.

We discussed the average mph on bikes for all ages. We hope this article helps you to understand how bikes function in different mph. Thank you for visiting.

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