Can You Ride A Bike With No Handlebars? (Explained)

Can You Ride Bike With No Handlebars

Riding a bike with no handlebars can be scary, dangerous, and illegal in some places. However, with practice and courage, you can casually ride without both hands on your handlebars and above your head.  Remember when you started riding a bicycle and tried the no-hands for the first time. It was a right of passage … Read more

How Fast Can A 7 Speed Bike Go? (Explained)

How Fast Can A 7 Speed Bike Go

The 7-speed bike can go as much as 40 km/h. The highest speed you can go on a 7-speed depends on the rider and the terrain.  A 7-speed bike is fitted with the necessary accessories to move around efficiently and quickly.  You can easily cruise high speed and maneuver your way around traffic due to … Read more

Is Biking Aerobic or Anaerobic? (Explained)

Is Biking Aerobic or Anaerobic

Biking is an aerobic exercise that causes the involved individual to move their body, increase their blood flow, and breathe fast. It causes your muscles to have the needed oxygen to provide the energy you need to ride. Many people need help answering this question. The many ideas about biking cause people to have different … Read more

How Many Bicycles Are There in the World? (Surprising Answered)

How Many Bicycles Are There in the World

There are approximately 1 billion bicycles across the globe. That means there is about 1 bicycle for every 8 people.  Cycling enjoys a significant amount of popularity all around the world. That popularity is only going to continue to rise.  Cycling is beneficial for both you and the environment. It provides a time-saving alternative for … Read more