Can You Put 27.5 Wheels On A 29er?

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “Can you put 27.5 wheels on a 29er?” The answer to this question is not as simple as it might seem. 

Can you put 27.5 wheels on a 29er

In order to find out more about what would happen if you did, read my blog post!

Can you put 27.5 wheels on a 29er?

No. You cannot put 27.25 wheels on a 29er frame, or vice versa! The rim diameter is different, and the tire will not fit properly onto the wheel spokes unless they are perfectly aligned to each other.

Can you put smaller wheels on a 29er?

Yes, you can put 26″ wheels on a 29er frame. This is the standard size that initially came with most mountain bikes, and many riders prefer it because of its more agile handling.

Can I use my old 27″ wheelset on my new 29er?

No! The rim diameter is different, and the tire will not fit properly onto the wheel spokes unless they are perfectly aligned to each other. 

Check your current bike’s official specs for compatibility before making any changes to avoid potential injury or dangerous situations while riding.

What else do I need to know about switching from a smaller wheel to a larger one?

Switching from a 700c road bike wheelset to a 650b mountain bike style wheel requires changing both tires as well as the rims. 

The sizing difference between these two-wheel types is important to consider when switching from one style of bike to another because it can affect your current derailleur and brake set up as well as tire compatibility.

Are there any benefits from changing my wheelset?

There are many benefits when switching between different types of mountain bike rims. The larger 29er allows for increased durability over smaller 26″ options, typically better suited for more aggressive trail cycling where you will be taking on rougher terrain with greater frequency. 

There is also an increase in contact patch if you switch out your front wheel as well by choosing one that has a slightly wider diameter than what was originally included with your frame purchase.

What size tires can I put on a 29er frame?

This depends entirely upon what style of mountain bike riding you will be using it for most often and how far away you live from trails where receiving punctures during rides would be an issue. 

Plus- tires are becoming increasingly popular at higher elevations because they have a larger contact patch which is better for lower air pressure.

Can I put 29er tires on my 26″ wheelset?

Yes, you can even use a 27.25 or 650b tire with higher volume and plus-sized options available to purchase depending upon the style of riding you prefer (fast & light vs. aggressive & gnarly). 

Some riders like using smaller diameter wheels when it comes time to race competitively due to their increased acceleration abilities over larger-sized rims. 

However, this isn’t typically recommended unless your local trails consist mostly of smooth singletrack that doesn’t feature much in the way of rocks and roots protruding from the ground surface. 

Otherwise, unsafe maneuvers may be more likely to occur if you try and take on rough terrain with a smaller wheel which could lead to serious physical damage.

How much will 29er tires cost?

pThe cost of a 29er tire varies depending upon the manufacturer and style you choose. 

In general, expect to pay slightly more for this type because they are typically wider, allowing them to be both faster and durable over rougher terrain.


If you’re looking to buy a new bike but can’t decide between 27.5 or 29-inch wheels, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. 

You’ll find that this article will provide some insight into the differences in wheel size and how they may impact your riding style. 

We also answer any questions about compatibility with different tires sizes when considering upgrading your current bike’s tire width!

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