Road Bike Vs Mountain Bike: Which One Is Better?

Are you planning to buy a bike?

Then, you’ve already searched a lot to choose the right bike for you. Apparently, you’re now confused to choose the road bike or mountain bike.

But, why are you confused?

If you know the differences between the road bike and mountain bike regarding their features like geometry, tires, disc brake, speed and so on, you must be confident enough to select the one that fits best for you.

Here, we’re with our discussion on Road bike vs Mountain bike to help you to make a wise decision on which one is better for you.

Just go through our article, and you’ll find the solution.

Road Bike Vs Mountain Bike Comparison

Road Bike Vs Mountain Bike


A bicycle is your travel companion that is capable of running on various surfaces while providing you comfort and versatility.But how will you recognize the perfect one for you from Road bike and Mountain bike?

Let’s have a look at the features of both types of bike.

Road Bike Vs Mountain Bike Geometry

Road Bike vs Mountain Bike Geometry

In general, a Road bike is designed in a broad triangular shape with the frame. The upper straight frame rod contributes making the shape larger. Road bike also features a lightweight frame which is usually made of carbon fiber. Aluminum frame road bikes are also available.

If you want to identify a Mountain Bike in the perspective of geometry just look at it’s wider and bulkier tire as well as it’s strong out looking. Mountain bike also comes with two or more suspensions. Straight handlebars are used in Mountain bike.

Road Bike Vs Mountain Bike Tires

Road Bike vs Mountain Bike Tires

Road bikes feature narrow tires that ensure smooth riding on the road surfaces. 23cm is the standard width of the road bike tires. Mountain bike features wider tire that is more durable than those of road bikes.The standard width of MTB tire is 2.10” to 2.25.”

Road Bike Vs Mountain Bike Disc Brakes

Road Bike vs Mountain Bike Disc Brakes

Mountain bike requires the sudden stopping capabilities. Hence, it features Disc brake that ensures its sudden stopping. Disc brake offers more confident to the rider while riding off-road.
Generally, road bike doesn’t have this feature.

Road Bike Vs Mountain Bike Speed

Road Bike vs Mountain Bike Speed

The average speed of a road bike is 14mph whereas 16mph for Mountain bike. Hence, under normal conditions, Mountain bike is faster than the road bike (20% faster). Although the average speed doesn’t show a large difference, 16mph of MTB is obtained while running in extreme conditions, whereas 14mph of the road bike is obtained while riding on open roads.
Hence, in the sense of conditions, the difference is significant enough.

Comparison Table Of Road Bike vs Mountain Bike

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Final Words

You’re now at the end of our informative article on Road Bike vs Mountain Bike. Hopefully, you’ve got a bright idea on a road bike and mountain bike differences.


Your everyday road bike won’t be able to handle every road surfaces. Both types of bike are designed for different uses and different purposes- mountain bikes are designed to use in rough environments, whereas a road bike is designed for use on paved road surfaces.

What you need is to determine where you’ll use your bike to ride.

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