Is A 3 Speed Bike Enough? (Explained)

Is A 3 Speed Bike Enough

A 3-speed bike is enough if you live in an area without flat roads and have to commute around town or to work in an up-and-down movement.  3-speed bikes are the least among the multi-geared bike options. These bikes have low maintenance design and a simple aesthetic to make them look like single bikes. Its … Read more

Top 10 Road Bike Brands For Beginners [2022 Edition]

Road Bike Brands For Beginners

The top 10 road bike brands for beginners will be articulated here. It’s good to keep one thing in mind and that it’s not focused on the most amazing top-tier bikes but towards bikes that’ll be suitable and easy for beginners.  We are targeting the most versatile bikes with good components and which are also affordable enough … Read more