How To Carry Spare Tube on Road Bike? – 5 Innovative Ideas

A long road bike trip means you need to take some preventive measures to make sure you won’t end up walking home in uncertain conditions.

The punctured tube is the most annoying problem we encounter while riding a road bike.

So, How To Carry Spare Tube on Road Bike? The best way to carry a spare tube is to keep it in a bag pack. It could be of any type: Saddlebag or frame bag. You can also fit the small box in your jersey pockets. It will save you from trouble.

Although carrying many things while riding a road bike could be challenging, the spare tube is easily carried in the bags.

How To Carry Spare Tube on Road Bike

Carrying many things on a road bike is physically impossible because of the space issues, but you can get a backpack to keep the spare tube. It would be super-convenient.

Using the traditional methods like tying it on the bike using ropes or tape will not help it because the grip is not smooth. But, taking backpacks with you is a great option to encounter any uncertainty.

How To Carry Spare Tube on Road Bike

 It means the old traditional tricks are not enough as they can cause a disturbance in the middle of your journey.

But, the advancements of this new era have facilitated us at the maximum level. Saddlebags are other backpacks among the best solutions on “how to carry spare tube on-road bike.”

What are the Key Benefits To Carry a Spare Tube?

Carrying a spare tube is an excellent strategy to save yourself from getting strangled in an unknown and alone place.

I would be calling it an essential thing to carry a spare tube while you go on a road bike. No one could be helping in difficult times so, better be prepared while setting off on a journey.

Here is why you would need to carry a spare tube:

  • Odds of getting a punctured tube
  • The tube may get damaged that it wouldn’t be repaired
  • General malfunctioning of running-tube halting the bike

So, always take the essentials with you.

Ideas for Carrying Road Bike Spare Tube

Innovation brings facilities into human lives. So, I will suggest some of the best ideas people can use to carry a spare tube.

  • Saddlebag
  • Frame Bag
  • Rear Pocket
  • A Water Bottle
  • General Backpack


The first thing which comes into the mind of everybody is to carry saddlebags.

Social interaction with the racers at a bike race in the US revealed that more than 70% of the men took a saddle bag to carry while riding on a road bike.

Asking why the saddlebag was their choice, the answer was straightforward. They said it was elementary to carry a small bag, and one can easily take the pump, inner tube, and spare tube.

So, a saddlebag is very helpful, and you can check out these best saddlebags from Amazon:

Apart from carrying a tube, you will also have plenty of space for snacks, tents, or any sleeping bag or the road bike repair toolkit you wanted to take with you.

Frame Bag

A-frame bag is another option to carry essentials with you. It would help you a little bit more on a road trip.

Luckily, this frame bag is adjustable in the space below the seat of your road bike. People can easily carry a spare tube in it.

You can carry other things in your frame bag because it has more than enough space to support your basic needs.

Some of these things you can carry are:

  • Tools
  • Blackburn Designs Plug Kit
  • Batteries
  • Multi-Tool
  • Frame Pump
  • Bike Lube
  • Water Filtration
  • Gels
  • Rain Jacket
  • Auro Rain Jacket

So, all these things can be adjusted in a small space and be hung on the road bike very quickly.

Following frame bags are available at amazon to get at the best value:

Rear Pocket of Your Jerseys

While riding a bike, you may wear an almost essential jersey, like the protective pads and helmet.

Wearing a cycling jersey not only saves you from getting sweaty but also has some pockets where you can store the spare tube easily. So, a jersey will be a great thing to carry a spare tube.

The best way to carry a spare tube is by unpacking it and then placing the raw tube in the pockets. There are multiple pockets, so make sure not to put anything in that pocket where the spare tube is placed to avoid damage to the tube.

Thus, I would appreciate this idea and get a cycling jersey for protection and carry extra stuff.

A Water Bottle

It might not sound good, but a water bottle is worth more than just quenching your thirst.

There is a space on the bike to keep the bottle. If you cut the bottle and then save the tube in it, it would help you take two spare tubes in it at a time.

I would recommend this for a short ride on an average temperature day. But, if the ride is not smooth and on a long dry day, I suggest not to cut down your water supply as you can get dehydrated.

If so, staying dehydrated is a crucial thing to avoid bad things happening to you.

‎General Backpack

A general bag pack for the road bike trip is the best thing people can get.

As you have seen, backpacks have a lot of space, and many things can be packed in them. So, carrying a spare tube is a good thing in the side pockets.

But, I would say that it might be a little restless for some people as paddling the cycle would get them exhausted. So, try to be as lightweight as you can during a bike road trip.

But, the backpacks could be a lifesaving thing when your road is hilly and has pavements with many rocks.

So, this 5th idea would also be great, and you can make DIY bags. They also work perfectly fine.

Road Bike Spare Tube Caring Tips

Just taking a spare tube with yourself won’t make it usable unless you take good care of it.

You must use the protective mechanism to ensure that it hasn’t been pushed against anything, or there aren’t any unnecessary things like keys or knives that may cut the tube.

As you know, rubber tubes can be sensitive to sharp and edgy things, so never place them together.

Here are some of the Tips for you:

  • Take out the tube from the box, roll it, place it in a plastic bag if possible, and keep it in any of those described.
  • A fabric pouch, plastic wrap, or a sock would be great for protection.
  • Never take your tube with you if you place them in the same portion where the knives, keys, or other sharp things are kept.
  • Make sure to close the valves of your road bike tightly. It will also protect the tube which is already being used.
  • Do a check while leaving the house. You have picked the spare tube with you so to avoid any terrible incident.
  • After using the spare, ensure that the bike is maintained and checked when you reach home safely.
  • Please carry a tool kit with you as well.
  • The purpose of the tool kit is to inspect any damage by yourself during the trip.

So, following all these golden rules can help your journey be safe and sound without any trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Carry A Spare Bike Tube?

Carrying a spare tube is a great responsibility that you can fulfill using the saddlebag, cycling jersey pockets, a water bottle, or a saddlebag.

Do I Need To Carry A Spare Inner Tube?

Misfortune happens with anybody without notifying them. A puncture can happen at any time, or the air in the tube escapes on a hot and humid day.

So, to avoid all the possible damages, it is better to take a spare tube while riding a road bike.


More than 80% of people carry a spare tube while going on a long road bike trip. Uncertainties can happen with any person, so it is better to keep a spare tube every time.

In this regard, taking different types of backpacks can help you carry a spare tube. Otherwise, you can make your DIY bag and place your spare tube in it.

But, make one thing clear that keeping the essential stuff like the extra tube, repairing kit, and water is necessary. Also, keep some first aid things, such as band-aids, with you.

If you have any queries on how to carry a spare tube on-road bike, comment your thoughts below and let us know about it.

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