How Long Does It Take To Bike 8 Miles?

It will take approx 48 minutes to bike 8 miles to a beginner cyclist. However, If you are a fit and healthy person, it will only take 30 to 40 minutes to ride 8 miles. A beginner biker’s average speed is approximately 10-12 miles per hour.

Biking 8 miles is not so easy, nor it is too difficult. Most fitness trainers will recommend cycling 5-10 miles a day for your fitness.

If we talk about real life, then, usually a 5 to 6 miles ride is easily done by all age groups. Biking is an outdoor activity.

Mostly, young people are indulged in this activity. The question usually arises in people’s minds during the summer or spring seasons or just before starting school.

In this article, you will get all the details you need to know regarding how long does it take to bike 8 miles? You will also be able to understand the different factors that affect the time of biking 8 miles. 

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How Long Does It Take To Bike A Mile?

So, It will take approx 48 minutes to bike 8 miles to a beginner cyclist. However, If you are a fit and healthy person, it will only take 30 to 40 minutes to ride 8 miles. A beginner biker’s average speed is approximately 10-12 miles per hour.

How Long Does It Take To Bike 8 Miles

It may take days for you to ride one mile. And every beginner can bike a mile. The only question that arises here is, how quickly can you do it?

Biking a mile is not only dependent on your fitness. The quality of your bike also matters.

We have calculated the average time to bike a mile and got three to four minutes at an average biking speed of 17 to 18 meters per hour.

The other most important thing to know is that biking depends on different factors as well. You will go through those factors in this article.

How Long Does It Take Biking Chart

  Distance in Miles Time in minutes or hours
1 Mile3-5 Minutes
2 Miles10-12 Minutes
3 Miles13-15 Minutes
5 Miles15 – 20 minutes
10 Miles30 – 40 minutes
12 Miles40-50 minutes
20 Miles70 – 120 minutes
50 Miles5 – 6 hours
70 Miles6 – 7 hours
100 Miles8 – 12 hours

Are 8 Miles Too Far To Bike To Work?

The most precise answer to this question is that 6 to 10 miles are fairly a good distance to bike to work. Secondly, the question, is 8 miles too far to bike to work? Its answer is dependent on different factors, like, wind direction, type & quality of the bike, and many more.

How Long Does It Take To Bike 8 Miles?

At the average speed of 17 meter per hour, 8 miles biking will take about 40 minutes. Remember! This is not the actual time; it is riding time.

If you bike 17 miles an hour, you would be able to do cover 8 miles in 25 minutes. But again, the point is what kind of bike you have and what is your fitness level.

Those who bike long distances daily as a workout session or for any other reason get used to it, which makes them bike 8miles faster than any regular rider. It is because; you get more comfortable spending time saddling. You will be able to schedule longer distance rides during the week and bike like a pro.

If you are a new biker, you will have to start at an average speed of 8-10 meters per hour. You will need time to get used to on your bike and to understand it fully. Like, the movement of your bike, its grip, breaks, gears, and balance will be absorbed by your body in time.

8 miles is not a barrel for most of the riders. In fact, the factor that determines how long does it take to bike 8 miles depends on your average meter per hour.

You must find a step you can maintain. Your step is something that is developed over time and goes conjointly with your contemporary fitness.

The rider must be aware of the bike types as well. Because if you do not choose the right bike wisely, you will not be able to cover 8 miles distance comfortably.

Three main types of bikes make the journey more effortless. The three main types of bikes are Mountain bikes, road bikes, and hybrid bikes.

Mountain bikes are designed to provide comfort because they offer a relaxing position to the rider. These bikes have front and rear suspension. These bikes are best for riding off-road but also are best suitable for a flat road. Due to the heavyweight of the mountain bike, it consumes more energy and time to cover long distances.

If the road is flat and adequately paved, the road bike type will be the best choice. These bikes are faster because road bikes are lightweight and aerodynamic.

They provide an aggressive riding position. The road bikes are meant for flat roads, and if your path includes gravel or grass, the road bikes are not the best choice.

Another type of bike is quite famous nowadays, known as the hybrid bike. The hybrid bike is a mix of mountain and road bikes. The hybrid type of bike is designed to provide the benefits of both mountain and road bikes.

The design of hybrid bikes gives comfort similar to mountain bikes. These bikes are strong, faster, and much suitable to travel a distance of 8-10 miles.

Factor That Affects How Long It Takes To Bike 8 Miles

Various factors directly affect how long it takes to cover 8 miles on a bike . The main factors that directly impact our rider’s fitness, wind direction, weather, road, type of bike, tire size, traffic on the roads, and more. Let’s discuss all these factors in detail.

Rider’s Fitness If you are not too active, don’t get pressured. Biking is so easy. The more you work on your fitness, the faster you complete the distance of 8 miles fully.

The more you built your fitness, the more quickly you would finish a distance of 8 miles. Rider’s fitness is an essential factor that affects to bike for 8 miles.

Experience Of Rider

Riding a bike is the best sport. Like any other sport, experience is the key to riding a bike. Biking for 8 miles also depends on the experience of a rider. The expertise of the rider is an important factor as it makes the rider much efficient and faster.

If you are an experienced rider, you can better cope with the conditions and travel more quickly than an inexperienced rider.

Bike Type

Another main factor is the type of bike the rider chooses. In order to cover a long distance of 8 miles on a bike, the rider must choose the right type of bike.

Although different types of bikes are recommended to cover a long distance, it also depends on the rider’s preference. It would be best if you consider your comfort while choosing any specific bike type.

Tire Size

Less friction means high speed. So, the correct selection of bike tire size contributes to high speed. Smaller tires help to lessen friction and maintain good speed while biking. So you must choose the tire size wisely to make the journey comfortable and more effortless.

The Field You Intend To Encounter

The time it takes to complete 8 miles also depends on what terrain or field you choose to experience. Usually, there are many more ways to get to point B from point A. The field will affect the time it will take to travel to a certain distance.

Biking a large hill will take a double or triple interval of time that it will typically take to cover the same distance on a flat path or field.


Traffic is another important factor, on which, how long does it take to bike 8 miles depends. Traffic can serve as resistance in your journey. The rider can avoid peak rush hours to avoid heavy traffic.


Weather plays a significant role in biking. Weather conditions such as strong wind, rain, dust storm, and fog will negatively impact as it will take longer to cover the 8miles distance on the bike.

Sometimes bad weather conditions can be very dangerous for the riders. In extreme weather, the rider should take proper safety precautions.

What Is A Good Time For An 8 Miles Bike Ride?

In normal circumstances for an experienced rider, a good time for 8 miles bike ride should be around 35 minutes.

If we keep the factors in view, this duration can exceed from 35 to 40 minutes and more. If you are familiar with the path you are riding on daily, the time to cover 8 miles will shrink further.

Moreover, if there is a flat road, the average rider takes 30 minutes, and an experienced rider can cover the 8 miles distance in around 25 minutes.


Summarizing it up, there are many different ways to determine how long it takes to bike 8 miles. In most cases, you can expect biking 8miles to take 35 to 40 minutes. Provided suitable conditions, the time will shrink to a minimum of 25 minutes.

But again, the factors like the fitness of the rider, weather, tire size, traffic, field to encounter, road, bike type, etc., will affect the time to bike 8 miles.

Hopefully, the article was valuable for you!

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