How Long Does It Take To Bike 2 Miles?

Do you consider yourself a moderate or leisure biker? Is it true that you prefer riding to stretch your legs and enjoy some fresh air?

Besides that, how much would you travel on a typical bike trip? And how long does it take to bike 2 miles?

Well, to be precise, the time depends on your riding style and techniques. So, try to measure as accurately as you can on your next ride. To find out the exact time to cover a mile with a bike, you need to work out different factors.

Some of the main factors include:

  • The type of the terrain
  • Physical fitness of the rider
  • The type of the bike
  • Weather conditions

In this post, we will discuss more cycling tips and methods to achieve the best results.

How Long Does It Take To Bike 2 Miles?

The simplest approach to calculate how long it would take to ride any distance here is to estimate how quickly you can finish your 1st mile.

How long does it take to bike 2 miles

On a cycle, it is always considered that 10 mph indicates a normal speed. If you maintain 10 mph, this should end up taking you 12 minutes to cycle 2 miles.

Professional cyclists can typically sustain 12-15 mph; thus, this figure is drastically enhanced. Professional cyclists can attain speeds of up to 28 mph.

However, skill is not always the most significant element in deciding how long it takes to cycle 2 miles, as it includes various essential factors to calculate the exact time.

What Is A Good Speed For Cycling?

It is not the best practice to measure the speed of your cycling. Rather it is best to compare with the speed of others.

It is very difficult to mention the good speed for cycling as the speed increases with your proficiency levels.

Here you will find some figures that will help you to understand more about cycling speed.

In a ride of one hour, most cyclists achieve an average speed of around 15 mph. However, if the rider is a beginner, they will stick with an average speed of 10 mph in its initial days. The speed will increase gradually as you stabilize your breath and stamina.

After a few months of rigorous practice, you will easily achieve an average speed of 18 mph. However, there are more areas of scope where cyclists comfortably increase the average speed up to 22 mph.

In many events and tournaments like the Tour de France, professional cyclists easily achieve 25 mph.

How Long Does It Take To Bike?

Here are some time records that a casual biker takes in to complete a specific distance with their bike.

Distance in MilesTime in minutes or hours
1 Miles3 to 5 Minutes
2 Miles10 to 12 Minutes
3 Miles13 to 15 Minutes
5 Miles15 to 20 Minutes
10 Miles30 to 40 Minutes
20 Miles70 to 120 Minutes
100 Miles8 to 12 Hours

The average speed of the bike decreases with the distance because it is very difficult to maintain a constant speed for long hours. The average speed of the bike depends on multiple factors.

Some of them are:

  • Physical fitness of the biker
  • Weather and road condition
  • Type of bike
  • Air pressure in tires
  • Road grip and friction
  • Skills of the rider
  • Gear and clothing
  • Road inclination

How Long Is A 2.5 Mile Bike Ride?

As we all know, the speed of the cycle depends on various external factors. So, calculating the time to cover a 2.5 mile is not precise.

However, we measure time based on normal riding constitutions with flat roads ahead.

If you consider the above environmental and climatic conditions, a casual cyclist will take around 15 minutes to cover a distance of 2.5 miles. If you are a beginner, then time will increase by 2 to 3 minutes which is negligible.

The time might fluctuate if you don’t maintain a constant speed throughout the ride. People also prefer to enjoy the science beauty along the way, which is again considered an external factor. These can disrupt your cycling efficiency and performance.

Is Cycling 2 Miles A Day Enough?

Cycling is not just an outdoor recreation pastime, but it does offer cycle enthusiasts much more real-life objectives. They prefer cycling to fulfill their Goal of exploring the world in the best natural way possible.

For cyclists, biking is not just an adventure sport; rather, it helps them stay fit.

If you cycle at least 2 miles a day, keep your weight under control and enhance your weight loss capabilities. It does enhance your competitive spirit by keeping you physically fit and healthy than a normal human being.

If you are cycling to have fun, then it’s of no use. To grab the benefits of cycling, you just need to have a proper plan to work out with your favorite bike. No matter which bike you prefer, you need to follow an everyday ride schedule.

For planning a perfect ride schedule and routine, you need to consider certain factors given below:

  • The Goal you want to chive in a specific period
  • Your health and medical condition
  • Your riding terrain
  • Your riding type and technique

How Many Calories Do I Burn Biking 2 Miles?

It is very important to see how cycling helps in burning calories. However, it is very complex to calculate the exact number of calories burnt in a bike ride of 2 miles. The burning of calories depends on your biking resistance and the intensity of your ride.

In general, a normal biking speed of 12 mph offers you to lose 60 to 80 calories in a ride of 2 miles.

When you bike at a moderate and steady pace with low resistance, it will mostly use your aerobic metabolism system.

It improves the functionality of your heart and lungs and distributes the glucose effectively. Daily moderate cycling improves and mobilizes the fat stored in muscles.

In case you love biking at a higher speed with much more resistance. It will use your anaerobic metabolism system. This biking style is not easy to maintain for long hours. Moreover, it demands higher muscle power which demands more energy.

As per the research done by Harvard University, you are binging at a moderate speed of 12 to 14 miles per hour will help a person to burn 298 calories in 30 minutes. At the same time, a faster speed of 15 to 17 mph allows you to lose 372 calories.


Never get curious to know how long it takes to bike 2 miles. There is no precise technique to measure the actual time to cover a particular distance as a ride goes through various factors, including natural and artificial elements.

However, it’s all up to you how precisely you can record the time to complete 2 miles. Once you have done recording your time, compare it with different terrains and climatic conditions.

This technique of comparing the time will improve your cycling performance. If you work continuously with the above technique, it will for sure improve your fitness level. So, to be fit, give your best and try stressing your muscles with higher resistance for stamina improvement.

Always try to enjoy your riding experience, no matter whether it fulfills your daily goals or not. Keep trying your best to achieve results a day sooner or later.

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