20+ Funny & Cool Bike Names

Many bike lovers purchase new bikes and want to give them cool and funny names. But they struggle to pick the name to give their bike. 

Sometimes you might decide to give your old favorite bike a cool new name

Whatever decision you take, you’re at the right place because we have put together a list of funny, cool, and unique bike names suitable for any bike range

Our list of bike names comprises the best boy and girl names for bikes. However, you can use any bike name on your bike, so feel free to mix and pick.

35+ Funny & Cool Bike Names

Here we have listed best bike name for boys, girls and common name for both boys and girls.

The Best Genderless Names For Bikes

If you want to give your bike a name that’s not gender-specific, then you can look at this list of names to provide you with ideas on the name to choose. 

1. Rusty

Rusty is a befitting name for an old bike that could do with some tender love and care. If you have a bike parked for a while but still functioning properly, then naming it Rusty is ideal. 

2. Trailblazer

This is the right name for a bike that easily blazes through trials and finds new pathways to follow. So, if you love taking new and daring paths, this should be your bike name.

3. Cranky

This name is suitable for bikes that groan and squeak anytime it’s taken for a ride. You can also use this name if your bike has a set of a colorful cranks on it.

4. Podium

You can show your confidence in competitive cycling by calling your bike podium. That’s a really smart move because regardless of where you finish, you’ll always end on the podium.

5. Mule

Do you use your bike for commuting daily or bike packing, and you’re looking for the right name that suits it? A Mule might be the right name to give it. 

This name is fitting because the bike never fails to get you to your location in time and one piece. 

6. Gone

This is a good bike name for your bike if you spend most of your time on two wheels tearing up the road, taking the lead on a competitor, then whizzing past them and leaving them in the dust.

There isn’t a better name for your bike than Gone.

The Best Boy Names for Bikes

7. Skywalker

Are you a star wars fan? Do you prefer Anakin to Luke?

If you’re capable of controlling the force, you can give your bike this name. It is really an awesome name for a bike.

8. Alan

Alan is one of my all-time favorite names to give your bike. It fits any type of bike, although it is more fitting for an older town bike. 

9. Lieutenant Dan

Back in the day, this was the perfect bike name for bikes that are a little grumpy but still function perfectly and pull through no matter the task. 

Lt. Dan is the perfect name for that beat-up old bike, whatever activity you do, be it enjoying a quiet ride down the pier, racing down forest trails, or watching the sunset. 

10. Tyson

Everybody remembers the king of the ring, right?

Tyson is a worthy name to give a bike that can move on any terrain and endure the heaviest of hits. This is the right name for a bike that’s not afraid of anything.

11. Goku

Become a Super Saiyan and blast down the street with the power of Kamehameha. This is the right name for a bike with a fearless and fierce performance.

12. Blaze

This is one of the coolest names to give your bike. It is a name that suits bikes that hit the biggest jumps available and rip down canyons.

It would be best if you tried to give your bike this name.

13. Axel

This name should be given to bikes that run smoothly on their axle. It’s a perfect name for a bike because the name is bike related.

The Best Girl Name for Bikes

14. Her Majesty 

Do you have a bike that you struggle with constantly? Does the bike behave like it has a mind of its own?

Then the right name for this bike is Her Majesty. Bikes that bear this name are beautiful and travel with purpose and elegance.

15. Ariel

Is your bike a perfect fit for an underwater princess? Then this name fits that bike perfectly. It’s the name for a bike you enjoy driving casually and is always sparkling clean. 

16. Storm

Storm serves as an influential figure in the Marvel Universe. She has the power to manipulate the weather to whatever she wants. 

So, if your bike performs with such fierce power in all conditions, then this is the right name for the bike.

17. Leia

Does your bike perform like it’s from another galaxy? Then the name Leia would suit it perfectly. Leia, a Latin word for the lioness, shows a lack of fear and power. 

If your riding style matches a lioness’s, you should give your bike this name. 

18. Athena

Athena is the Olympian goddess of war and wisdom, and if you’re a fan of the ancient Greek gods, then Athena is a nice name for your bike. 

Athena is also a nice name for spinning bikes since the Goddess Athena is associated with spinning. 

19. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is a red-and-black supervillain that’s not up to any good. So if you are not scared of constantly going for the most exciting rides and daring adventures, then Harley Quinn is the name for your bike.

20. Karen

Does your bike always require TLC and constant maintenance? Then that bike should be a Karen.

Karen is a hilarious girl name for bikes and would get anyone who hears it laughing immediately if you try to explain the meaning.

How To Choose A Name For Your Bike

Choosing a name for your bike is not an easy task. With many exciting bike names available, finding a name that suits your bike’s personality is hard work. 

When selecting a bike name, you must consider these criteria to choose the perfect name for your bike.

Type of bike you ride

The type of bike you ride determines the name you choose for your bike. Whatever name you choose should fit your bike, except you want to name it something funny or ironic. 

Whatever option you enjoy, consider it when picking a name for your bike. 

Type of name you want

You might be torn between choosing a funny or an ironic name. Ultimately, whatever name you choose is down to your preference. 

If you feel your bike deserves a funny name that will amuse people, go ahead. If you want to give it something more serious, then do so. 

The Model and color of the bike

The model and color of your bike can also play an important role in its naming. If your bike color resembles your favorite movie character or superhero, you can name it after that character or hero.

You can also name your bike according to the function of its model.


We hope that we have been able to steer you in the right direction regarding naming your bike. However, if none of these names work for your bike, don’t be afraid. 

Hopefully, you’ll receive some ideas and inspiration for choosing a bike name from our explanation above. 

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