What Is A Tandem Bike? (Answered)

A Tandem bike is a visually distinct bike that allows two or more riders to pedal in Tandem. This bike is designed to be longer, bulkier, and heavier than traditional bikes to accommodate different riders comfortably. 

If you’re looking to solve the problem of cycling together as a family or a pair of cyclists with different abilities, then the Tandem is the right choice for you. 

Unfortunately, many people don’t know much about the Tandem bike, so we have compiled all relevant information regarding Tandems here.

In this article, we’ll also discuss all the information you need to decide if you want a tandem and the best brand to purchase in the market.

What Is A Tandem Bike?

A Tandem bike allows two individuals with different riding abilities, family members, or friends to cycle together. This is the ideal bike for an adult or child.

What is a Tandem Bike

The Tandem bike is the most efficient family bicycle ever. The front rider, known as the captain or pilot, controls the gears, brakes, and steering. 

The rear rider, known as the stoker, will help with the pedaling, navigation, signaling turns, and maintaining balance. 

The idea behind this bike is not to leave anyone behind. That’s why you can combine the Tandem with a child trailer, child seat, or a trailer cycle so everybody can go on the ride together.

Tandems can be more costly than a trailer cycle, but they’re worth the price because they’re not just a luxury option. It can be combined to achieve a particular aim.

What Is A Tandem Bike Used For?

A Tandem bike is designed for different cycling disciplines, which include long-distance bike touring or commuting around the city. These bikes are designed to function perfectly in the city or natural environments.

A Tandem bike is used for conveying more than one person on a ride. It usually has two seats, one behind the other, to convey both riders. 

There are even different versions with three or more seats if you want them.

Tandem bikes are mostly used for long distance bike touring around the natural environment or in the city. 

They are usually able to push through difficult hills and mountainside environments since they are powered by two sets of legs most of the time.

Depending on their model and tires, tandems can also be ridden in various rugged terrains. In addition to competitive cycling, tandem bicycles are also used in recreational cycling.

The riders can power the bike easily when they coordinate well and pedal alone. 

What Are The Different Types of Tandem Bicycles?

There are different types of Tandem bikes available in the market. There are bikes for riders of two, three, four, five, and six. These bikes are called triplets, quadruplets, and quintuplets, respectively.

Different Types of Tandem Bicycles

The term tandem does not refer to the number of riders but rather the arrangement of the riders one behind the other. 

You can find various kinds of Tandem bikes in the market. The major types of Tandem bikes available in the market : 

  • Range of rider heights, 
  • Fast fitness, 
  • Ultra-packable, 
  • Off-road, and 
  • Three passengers. 

Other makes that can interest you include touring, comfort/path riding, and performance. You can try out any of these tandems to see if it gives you what you need.

What Size Does Tandem Bike Come in?

Most Tandem bikes come with 26-inch or 700c wheels. These 26-inch wheels are made specifically for all-around and off-road tandems but can also work on pavements. 

Like single bikes, tandems have a variety of frame and wheel sizes. It would be best if you got the dimensions of these parts right so you can enjoy optimum comfort during your rides. 

For riders, the most important measurements are the inseam and height. However, many makers size their frames differently, so there’s no one size to fit all.

For the wheels, the 26-inch wheels are fat and absorb shock to give a comfortable ride. But if you want to use the Tandem for a long-distance race or you’re, then use the 700c wheels.

How Much Does Tandem Bike Weigh? 

A tandem bike weighs an average of 45 lbs (about 20kg). But you can still find lighter road tandems which weigh 22 lbs (about 10kg).

Tandem Bike Weigh

Tandem bikes are originally not weighty because they usually have one set of parts, including brakes, wheels, and derailleurs. 

They weigh less than twice the weight of a single bike, so the power-to-weight ratio is quite better than that of a single bike and a rider. 

The benefit of riding a bike with this light is that it requires less energy to climb hills, accelerate, or maintain speed because of the movement of less mass around. This increases your efficiency and allows your ride longer. 

How Long Is A Tandem Cycle?

The length of a tandem cycle varies per bike. On average, the length of one center of the wheel to the other is sixty inches. At the same time, the average tire length to the tire is forty-two inches.

There is no fixed length to a tandem cycle. Each bike has a different cycle length. The way to determine the length depends on the length of various elements such as brakes, frames, handlebars, and wheels.

When you want to select your Tandem, be careful to choose the frame that matches your leg length so you’re not only comfortable riding your Tandem, but you’re also safe.

What Is The Average Speed Of A Tandem Bicycle?

The Tandem has an average speed of up to 20MPH(32KPH) when you’re cruising. But when you’re going downhill, tandems can reach a speed of up to 60MPH. 

We noticed an increase in speed of 10%-30% when the Tandem was fully loaded based on weather conditions and terrain. On flat roads, the Tandem can hit an average speed of 20 mph (32km/h).

Trail NameBike Speed
Flat Road20 mph
Downhill60 mph

On the hills, the Tandem is different. The team will notice slower speeds when going up a hill. They will require coordination to work the Tandem up the hill.

However, the speed is twice the average when you’re going downhill. They’re very fast and would require adequate control to manage their speed. 

What Is The Best Tandem Bicycle Brand? 

The best tandem bike brand is Schwinn Twinn Classic Tandem Adult Beach Cruiser Bike. Features a stylish step-over steel frame, sweptback easy-reach handlebars, and laid-back double seats.

Enjoy a ride on the Kulana Luo tandem along the sidewalkThis tandem bike has proved very efficient after carefully evaluating the market. That’s why we consider it to be the best brand.

The Tandem is designed to accommodate riders between 5 feet 4 inches and 6 feet 2 inches. Its steel frame would roll you and your partner smoothly around your neighborhood while you pedal with ease.

It has a light front and rear v-brake and a 7-speed drivetrain to aid your pedaling. Its cushy black and white tires absorb whatever pressure from road bumps. 

The upright handlebars help the riders stair the curvy step through the frame while they enjoy the ride. 


A tandem bicycle is a bicycle designed to be ridden in Tandem by two riders. They’re often custom-built and can be designed for different cycling purposes.

If you love the sound of the tandem bike, then what are you waiting for? Place an order for the best brand, find a riding partner, and enjoy your ride.

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