Can You Go Through A Drive Through On A Bike?

Drive-thru facilities are intended for motor vehicles. We are worried that bikers using drive-throughs would put their safety at risk because they would have to drive very close to cars.

So many individuals have been thinking about this subject. With the increase in fast food drive-throughs, ordering food from drive-through windows is practical and convenient.

In this blog post, we will take you on how to ride through a drive-through on a bike and a lot more.

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Is a Bicycle Allowed in the Drive-Through?

This will largely depend on the restaurant. Some restaurants would allow it, while others will not. 

Is a Bicycle Allowed in the Drive-Through

In 2015, the Utah State Legislature enacted a measure that returned the choice to the control of individual companies. This is in response to the debate and concerns.

Thus, each restaurant can decide whether to allow cyclists to use their drive-thru. Go at your own risk if you’d like to eat something. 

It’s possible that you won’t get your food. However, it appears that restaurants generally discourage patrons who are riding bicycles from using the fast lane.

Is it illegal To Walk Through a Drive-Through? 

It is not illegal per se to walk through a drive-through. Due to insurance and safety issues, eating establishments are reluctant to take this chance.

Most of the time, pedestrians in the drive-through lanes irritate workers on duty.

There are no sidewalks or secure spots for people to stand at drive-thru service locations. So cars must come up close to fill orders. 

Additionally, it could violate the trade license or, in some circumstances, pose a security concern.

Some locations have added “pedestrian walk-up windows” that function similarly to standard drive-throughs and are open for business beyond regular branch hours at establishments with a 24-hour drive-thru.

Can You Bring a Bike To Mcdonald’s?

No, the drive-through lane and drive-through service windows are unavailable to cyclists. Even though McDonald’s advocates for the environmental and health benefits of cycling. 

The drive-through facility is made for motor vehicles. Thus, Mcdonald’s is worried that using it by cyclists could jeopardize their safety due to the necessity of being close to motor vehicles. 

The limited visibility of cycles especially given the sharp corners of the drive-through lane and the challenges of carrying food and beverages while still maintaining complete control of a bicycle.

How To Ride Your Motorcycle Through The Drive-Through?

Having known it is possible to go through a drive-through on a bike, keep reading for tips on how to ride your bike through the drive-through smoothly.

1. Never Place A Food Order

Combo lunches may include sodas depending on where you go for your fast food cravings.

If you frequently eat the meal while operating a motor vehicle, it is simple to forget that drinks are included. 

If you make this mistake, you will need to swiftly devise a strategy for what to do with the drinks when they are handed to you.

Sodas cannot be packed into a bag or hung from the handlebar. Squeezing it might make the lid pop off, leaving sticky clothes and a bike wash in its wake. If you’re thirsty, request a can or bottle.

2. Have Your Cash Handy

If you’ve ever used a drive-through, you know nothing is more infuriating than someone holding up the line looking for the right amount of cash or unsure what to get. 

You should carefully practice your order and have cash or a credit card ready to pay because you will be noticed and scrutinized when you ride your motorcycle through the drive-through.

It is a fantastic idea to have the appropriate quantity of cash on hand in advance if you know how much it will cost. 

If you’re unsure, bring more than you think you need so you can tuck the extra money in your jacket pocket.

3. Turn On The Sensor

Most drive-through ramps have sensors installed in the asphalt. Most of these sensors will be triggered by most motorcycles. 

There have been reports of bikers riding their vehicles across road sensors without the sensor picking up the vehicle.

To improve your chances of being picked up by the sensor, move slowly and cross in the middle of the road. 

If you have no idea what I’m referring to, you can typically see a dark line or lines running parallel to the road.

Wire loops placed in asphalt saw-cuts detect large metal items that change the magnetic field. Riding to the road’s edge risks missing the sensor and not being detected.

4. Pick up A Tank Bag

The most important thing to think about is where you’ll store your food after obtaining it. 

If you don’t prepare, you could have to climb down from your bike. Then open the top box in front of the driver behind, who despises bikers and keeps tapping his steering wheel.

A tank bag fastened to the top of your fuel tank is the most suitable location to rapidly pack your order before riding out. It’s directly in front of you on the motorcycle. 

Before entering the drive-through, you can partially open the tank bag so you’ll be able to slide your order inside and ride out quickly.

5. Carry Your Backpack in Front

Suppose you have no tank bag and no balance.

No issues!

When you stop, unzip the top of your bag if you have one, which you should wear on your front. 

The upper half of the bag is a convenient place to quickly store your cash and dinner before leaving.

Do not risk it on the road if it is uncomfortable to ride in this manner. Stop in the parking lot instead, and sling the bag over your back.

6. Clumsy Fingers

It can sometimes be challenging to handle small objects, like change if you wear bike gloves. Leaning forward to the pay booth window, be careful not to lose your coins or card. 

A collision here could result in you dismounting and performing the walk of embarrassment before the same driver who despises motorcycles and is, by this point, completely unimpressed.

You can take off your gloves for better mastery. But doing so introduces a new potential risk—accidentally dropping a glove. 

Such constant decision-making goes on in the rider’s thoughts, which is resolved to prepare supper without getting off the bike.

If you cherish your hands and prefer not to wear gloves when riding, you can go for riding gloves that are light, breathable, and touch-screen compatible.

Can You Go Through A Drive-Through On A Motorcycle?

Yes, the majority of eateries permit motorcycles to use the drive-thru. Mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles can pass through drive-through lanes.

However, some may not if their sensors are not designed for motorbikes.

Smaller franchisees who forbid motorcyclists from using their drive-through services lack the funds for adequate sensor equipment. 

Mopeds and motorcycles can travel through the drive-through service lanes at larger establishments like McDonald’s.


Since bikes do not need a license, are exempted from speed limits, and can avoid significant highways by taking walking pathways, other routes, and other options, they are classified as pedestrians.

Thankfully, the majority of drive-through fast-food restaurants permit bikes. 

Therefore it is your duty as a rider to make the procedure as smooth as possible. Don’t be the biker who holds up the line and discredits all other bikers. 

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