How To Turn On Lights On An Electric Bike? (Complete Guide)

You can turn on the lights of an electric bike by holding down the plus (+) button on the control pad. That switches on both the front and back lights on your electric bike.

Be careful not to press the minus (-) button, as doing so will activate walk mode and cause the bike to accelerate to a pace comparable to that of walking.

Now that you know how to turn on the lights on an electric bike, read on to find out more about electric bike lights.

Which Electric Bike Lights Are Available?

The headlight, the rear light, and the indicator lights are three important lights that come with a bicycle. 

Turn On Lights On Electric Bike

However, like traditional bicycles, electric versions benefit from having reflectors mounted on the wheel’s spokes. 

Most electric bicycles already come equipped with an entire lighting system when they leave the factory. After delivery, an electric bicycle can also have the appropriate lights added to it by a third party.


The headlight is perhaps the most important light on an electric bike.

It shines light directly in front of the bike, illuminating the roadway and providing a clear view ahead. It is therefore important to have a headlight, especially when riding in the dark. 

The vast majority of e-bike headlights come equipped with something called a daytime light. 

In addition to the regular low beam, this is another lighting option that can be utilized during the daytime outside. 

The light on during the day makes it easier for motorists to see cyclists, which is why it is so crucial.

The main beam is included on some models of e-bike headlights. Whether it is daylight or twilight, this light function can be activated in addition to the dipped beam whenever needed.

The main beam contributes to the cyclist’s increased visibility in the surrounding traffic.

Rear Lights

The bike’s back end is where the rear light is attached, and it shines a light on the path behind the bike. 

You can choose between LED and halogen rear lights, for example. There are also other types of rear lights available. 

When shopping for a rear light, you should keep this in mind and consider how bright it is. Most models produce a minimum of 20 lux of light output.

How to Fix Your Electric Bike’s Damaged Lights

If the lights on your electric bike have ceased shining, you need not be excessively worried. Continue reading to learn the method of repairing lights.

Best DC Motor For Electric Bike

If your electric bike’s lights are broken, you may fix them as quickly as possible by following these procedures.

Make sure the battery is okay

The battery in your electric bicycle is not only one of the essential parts of the entire system but also the component that is in charge of providing power to any lights attached to your bicycle. 

Examine your battery. Determine whether or not it can still deliver an adequate amount of power to your lights. 

If you can ride your electric bicycle and it functions normally, the battery inside is probably fine. 

On the other hand, if you’ve seen a decline in performance, you might have a problem with your battery. 

You can use the multimeter to test how well the battery is working. After connecting the multimeter to the battery, select the “test load battery” option from the available menu options. 

In addition to that, you need to verify the voltage, the current, and the resistance. Examine the data in the manufacturer’s requirements and recommendations. 

If your battery is malfunctioning, you will almost certainly need to have it changed.

Be Sure to Check Your Links

If your bike’s battery is in good condition, the problem may lie with the connection between the battery and the light. This may occur over time as you continue to use your electric bicycle, particularly on tough terrain. 

Examine the lights’ connections and firmly press them back in to ensure they are secure. Next, you will need to inspect the connections the lights use to attach themselves to the bike. 

Typically, these connections are located within the pedal assembly itself. To open the pedal assembly, you will need to use several different tools, the exact configuration of which will be determined by the model of your electric bicycle. 

In most cases, you will require a set consisting of an Allen wrench, a screwdriver with a flat head, and a screwdriver with a Phillips head. 

You must remember where you put all the screws and nuts so that the assembly may be reassembled afterward. 

After the pedal assembly has been opened, check to see that the connection is still secure and make any necessary adjustments. You should try to press it back into position if it isn’t already.

Wiring Damage Check

While you have the pedal assembly open, you should also inspect the wiring for the light. It should be in good condition. Conduct a thorough inspection of the wire to look for any signs of corrosion or damage. 

If the wiring is routed through the frame, you will need to remove the wire from the bike and pull it out of the frame to examine the entire length of the wire. 

Rather than trying to repair the wiring, it is typically far simpler and more cost-effective to replace the entire light fixture.

Change the Light Bulbs

The problem may be merely a burned-out bulb in your bike light, especially if it’s an incandescent or halogen model. 

This can develop over time, so if you’ve had your lights for a significant time, this is a strong possibility. 

Keep in mind that LED light bulbs should not experience frequent failures.

Change the Entire Light

If you still cannot determine the cause of the issue, the light on your e-bike may be defective and require a complete replacement. 

You won’t have to buy an identical lamp to replace it, so you can take advantage of this chance to look for a different item.

Bring Bicycle to the Service Center

You can take your bike to a reputable repair shop if you do not feel confident disassembling and fixing the bike’s lights on your own or if you cannot determine the issue. 

You may search online to find a repair shop in your area, but you should be sure to select one that has received great ratings to get the best possible service and deals. 

When you have located a company that can be relied upon, call them to obtain a cost estimate.

If you are satisfied with the level of service and the prices, you can either make an appointment or bring your electric bike in whenever it is most convenient for you.

Final Thoughts

As shown in the first paragraph of this article, turning on the headlights on an electric bike is as simple as pressing a button. 

However, there are situations in which the lights might not turn on. Usually, these situations call for simple fixes, as we’ve extensively outlined. 

If any of those simple fixes don’t work, do well to contact a local repair shop.

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