Can You Put Road Tires On A Mountain Bike? (Solved)

Yes, you can replace your mountain bike tires with road tires. However, due to the very different design of a mountain bike compared to the design of a road bike, you will need to make some adjustments and consider the bike’s design to make this transition work out.

When fitting a tire designed for a road bike on a mountain bike, the process must be done accurately, and several things must be avoided.

In this article, we will discuss why you would want to use road bike tires on a mountain bike. 

We’ll also consider what you need to check before making the conversion, the pros and cons of using road bike tires instead of mountain bike tires. 

Let’s get into it.

Are Tires Designed For Road Bikes Superior For Mountain Bikes?

Regarding bicycle tires, mountain and road bike tires are very different and are designed for specialized uses.

In our opinion, it is impossible to determine which one is superior to the other.

It’s no secret that road bike tires are fantastic for riding on roads because they are developed for this use.

Compared to the tires found on a mountain bike, they are silky smooth, lightning quick, and offer virtually no resistance when rolling.

It could be a horrible experience if you took them to a mountain biking route or a bike park as they don’t give any advantage.

They would provide you with little to no grip, they wouldn’t be flexible at all, and as a result, you would feel every bump in the trail and run the risk of getting puncture flats.

Mountain bike tires are designed to be used off-road. As a result, they have wide tires that improve traction when riding over loose terrain.

They also have a lot of flexibility, which allows them to bounce over bumps.

Also, they operate at much lower tire pressures than road bike tires. Hence, they are not as susceptible to puncture flats as road bike tires are.

Things to Consider Before Putting a Road Tire on a Mountain Bike

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You may make your mountain bike more comfortable for riding on roads and off-road by doing a couple of the items listed here.


If you perform a significant amount of street riding without frequently swapping between road and mountain setups, you should ride with lower handlebars.

Handlebars are typically positioned higher on mountain bikes, in contrast to the lower position used by road riders. You can lower the steer tube, and doing so requires very little time investment on your part.

However, because your body takes time to adjust to the new position, it may cause your hands to experience pressure. You could replace it with drop handlebars on road bicycles if this happens.

Tire Size

Check that the tires on your mountain bike have the appropriate size. You can find this information in the owner’s manual for your bike, or it is also printed on the door jamb of your bike.

Wheel Size

The tires must have a good fit on the wheel. The tire’s bead must be even with the wheel’s rim.

Check that the inner tubes are the right size for the tires. For the inner tube to be filled to the correct pressure, the tire should be somewhat smaller than the inner tube.

Advantages of Road Bike Tires on Mountain Bikes

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If you decide to put road tires on your mountain bike, you should be aware of some advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some benefits of making this change :

Top Speed Increase

Road tires have the advantage of a higher top speed due to their reduced rolling resistance. So if you swap out your mountain bike tires for road tires, you’ll be able to reach a higher top speed.

Easier to Ride

It is possible to travel a greater distance in a shorter amount of time, which is beneficial if your goal is to arrive at your destination as quickly as possible.

Provide Quieter Ride

Tires designed for road bikes are far more silent than those designed for mountain bikes. You won’t have to be concerned about the annoyingly loud noise that frequently occurs in conjunction with mountain biking.

It’s an Easy Modification

Turning a mountain bike into road bike tires takes less work, another significant benefit of putting road bike tires on a mountain bike. This is because the tires used on road bikes are narrower than those used on mountain bikes.

Disadvantages of Road Tires on Mountain Bikes

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Mountain biking allows riders to get outside and discover the surrounding landscape.

However, there are some cons you should know if you intend to use the tires from your road bike on your mountain bike.

You Lose Off-Road Capability

You won’t have the same capability off-road that mountain bikes are famous for having.

Road bike tires are intended to be used on paved areas, and as a result, they do not provide as much traction in off-road conditions.

Because of this, riding over rough terrain can become more of a challenge and perhaps dangerous.

Awkward Aesthetics

When you see a mountain bike with road cycle tires, it could look a little strange. This is because the tires are far thinner than those used on a mountain bike.

This may give the impression that your bike does not belong on the trail, which may put off other mountain bikers.

Bumpier Ride Off Road

When utilizing tires designed for road bikes on a mountain bike, you could find that your ride is less comfortable. Because of the narrower tires, the ride may be bumpier, and you may be able to feel every single rock and root that is on the trail.

Quicker Wear of Road Wheels

Putting road bike tires on a mountain bike causes additional stress on the mountain bike’s wheels.

The wheels were not intended to withstand the additional weight and stress of off-road riding, they may break or become defective more easily.

Advice on How to Make Your Mountain Bike Roadworthy

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You’ve seen mountain bikers racing down fire roads. Your mountain bike can be made road-worthy with only a few easy adjustments.

To help you get started, here are some pointers to consider:

  • Use the right tire size: Fit your bicycle with road tires designed specifically on paved surfaces because they are narrower and have less tread than mountain bike tires. Your neighborhood bike store should carry road tires for sale.
  • Adjust your seat to lower: Since road riding consists primarily of pedaling, you want to ensure that you are in a position that allows you to generate the most power. You can accomplish this goal more easily by lowering your seat.
  • Shift into a higher gear: While mountain biking is all about using low gears and hammering the pedals, cycling on the road requires shifting into a higher gear to maintain efficiency.
  • Don’t be afraid to stand up: If you’re trying to generate more power while going up a hill or accelerating, standing up on the pedals will be a big help.
  • Stay in the traffic flow: When you’re out on the road, you shouldn’t ride facing oncoming traffic. Instead, follow the flow of traffic. This will make you more apparent to traffic and will assist you in staying away from collisions.

If you follow these outlined tips, you’ll be able to transform your mountain bike into a legal vehicle on the road. Therefore, get out there and begin the adventure of discovering the wide road!

Final Thoughts

On paved roads and trails, road tires on a mountain bike can provide better grip and stability, but they may not be as effective in deep mud or sand.

If you ride your bike frequently on paved roads, you should probably consider purchasing a mountain bike equipped with road tires.

While it is possible to put mountain bike tires on a road bike, doing so is not something that is encouraged if you offroad your bike often.

You will not be able to take your bike off-road, and you will also be putting yourself and your bike in danger if you do so.

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