Is A 29 Inch Wheel The Same As 700C?

Yes, A 29-inch wheel is the same as a 700C. However, not all 29″ tires will fit a 700C road rim because of the width. 29-inch wheels are more popular with mountain bikes than other bikes.

There is no difference between a 29″ wheel and a 700C rim. Both wheels are the same in size ratings.

But the 29″ measurement uses the nominal sizing system. In contrast, the 700C measurement uses the French sizing system. 

They both have an ISO measurement of 622mm and can be interchanged. However, it will be best to consider the width of each wheel for compatibility.

This has made people wonder about the difference between these sizing systems.

In this article, we’re going to discuss these different sizes, why we have different tire systems and the difference between these sizing systems.

What Is 700C?

700C wheels are the most prevalent and prominent in today’s bike world. The other sizes are 26 inches and 650B, which is 27.5 inches. 

The 700 part of this size refers to the diameter across the outside of the tire’s wheel in mm. 

Is A 29 Inch Wheel The Same As 700C

The 700C wheels used to have the same internal width for all rims.

But now they have different ranges of rim width for road bike wheels.

This new width range affects the size of the tire’s outside diameter.

The diameter of the wheel between the bead seats is the most helpful number. For 700c wheels, it’s 622mm as per ISO standard 5775.

622mm is the most important number because it indicates that tires designed for 700c wheels will fit any 700c rims. 

Why C?

C is used because 700C had a different bead seat diameter than the other wheels. This could cause a hassle between the tire manufacturer and the rider. 

Back in the day, we had different types of wheels, namely, 700a, 700b, 700c, and 700d. Cyclists had the option of changing these wheels to suit their needs. 

They mostly used the 700a and 700b to rough unpaved surfaces. At the same time, they used the 700c and 700d to race. 

When they noticed their different outside and bead seat diameters required different tires.

They had disagreements with the rider and the manufacturer. This made the European wheel and tire makers agree to use 700c as the beat wheel standard.

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Why Are There So Many Different Tire Systems? 

There are many different tire systems developed just for marketing purposes. Many times the sizes are the same. However, they usually have different brand names.

Many different brands of tire systems have been made. When cycling started, every bicycle manufacturing company used to have a plan for marking sizes. 

The tire size would be the same, but different numbers in different countries denote it. 

Even worse, many different tire sizes that are not interchangeable are marked with the same number. 

However, these manufacturers produced different tire systems because: 

  • Many riders have their preferred choice of tires
  • Different tire systems come with different tractions and riding style
  • Many tire systems are made for a particular route
  • For marketing purposes
  • Differences in tire features

ISO Tire/Rim Size Standard

The ISO standard was created to formulate different international measurements into one to be used worldwide. 

All industries, including cycling, use these standards. The ISO standard would be beneficial when combining bicycle parts from different countries. 

The ISO standard measurement for cycling uses two numbers. For example, the road bike ISO tire size is 662 X 25C. 

The first number represents the tire or rim width in mm. At the same time, the second number is the bead seat diameter. 

The width of the rim is measured across its bead seat section on the rim wall’s side. The distance is known as the bead width. 

At the same time, the BSD is the distance between the bead seat on the rim’s opposite side. 

What Is The Difference Between The Nominal Size and ISO? 

The difference between both sizing systems is in the tire diameter and width size. Also, different sizing systems are used in different countries. 

These two are the major sizing systems among the different tire sizing systems.

However, they’re different and used by different countries. Only one is standard among them.

Nominal Size SystemISO Size System
The nominal size system measures the tire’s width and outside diameter. The ISO size system measures the tire’s width and bead seat diameter. 
A code or second number presents the width while the diameter is measured in inches or mmThe system uses two-digit numbers, two numbers, and three-digit numbers separated by a hyphen
Uses the inches measurement Uses the French sizing system, which includes letter codes
The width can be expressed in decimal or fraction not expressed in decimals but divided by a hyphen

700c vs. 29” vs. 650B

No doubt, the 700c is the most famous road bike tire size among these three. 

It is mostly used for drop-bar and hybrid bike road bike tire sizes. But some of these bikes come with smaller wheel sizes.

The first sets of gravel bikes had 700C wheels, now only 650B wheels. The 650b wheels are the same width as 27.5 inch mountain bike wheels. 

They allow riders to fit wider gravel tires using the same diameter as 700c wheels. This means you can retain the same frame size.

However, your frame should be built for wider tire clearances. 

Here is a look at the comparisons between these three tire wheel sizes.

700c29 Inches650B
First standard wheel size for road bikesFirst upgraded version of the standard wheel sizeSecond upgraded version of the standard wheel size
Used on drop bars and hybrid bikesUsed in off road bikesUsed on gravel bikes and paired with larger tires
Offers stiffer ride but with greater momentum Rolls easily over rocks and roots Performs well in serious off road situations

Is 29 Inch The Same As 700C?

Yes. The 29-inch tire wheel is the same as 700C. However, it will not fit a 700C Road rim due to its width. 

Mountain bikes originated in the USA, so their sizing is in inches. This means that the frame to wheels is calculated in inches. The same goes for the kids’ bike wheels. 

Initially, these mountain bike wheel sizes used to be 26 inches. With changes over time, they are now 29 inches or 27.5 inches. 

According to the European ETRTO designation, these sizes correspond to 700c and 650b wheel sizes.

Best 29″ Bike Wheel in 2022

Final Thoughts

Now that you know your wheel size find the correct ISO sizing for your rim. Ensure that the rim and tires are compatible before you conclude the purchase.

You’re looking for the same inside diameter for the rim and tire. And a tire with a BSD 1.5-2 times the rim width size. You can measure it from inside the rim’s sidewall.

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