Fixed Gear Vs Road Bike : 10 Reasons Why Fixies Are Better

Fixed gear bikes are better than road bikes for commuting and city living because they’re easier to maintain, lighter, and more entertaining. 

When it comes to choosing between a fixed-gear bike and a road bike, many bikers are confused about what option to pick and which bike would be suitable for daily use.

To make an excellent choice, you have to consider the type of rider you are or want to become as that can aid you to make an excellent choice.

Choosing between fixed gear and geared road bike is a question of what you’re more comfortable with and though both bikes share similarities.

We have put this article together to help you make an informed decision.

Fixed Gear vs Road Bike

FeaturesFixed Gear BikeRoad Gear Bike
weighsLighter than road bikeWeighted than fixie bike
SpeedHigher speed Lower speed
CostLow costHigh cost
MaintenanceEasy Maintenance Difficult to maintenance
BrakeNo Extra Brake Has Both Front and Rear Brakes
Appearance Stylish looking Looks good
Table : fixed gear bike vs road bike comparison

What is a Fixed Gear Bike?

A Fixed Gear Bike is a bike designed from the machines used for track racing on velodromes. They have no freewheel so if you want to move, you have to pedal. 

Are Fixed Gear Bikes Good For Commuting

Also known as fixes, fixed gear bikes are bicycles without gears.

Instead, a direct connection is made between the pedals and the rear wheel hub. As the wheel turns, the pedals will turn as well.

As a result, you cannot freewheel, but you can slow the bike by using the pedals.

With no freewheel or gears, fixies are highly reliable and the chain movement can last ages.

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What is a Road Bike?

A road bike is a bicycle designed to take you as fast and as far as your legs can pedal on paved surfaces. Since road bikes are meant for road use, they are named for the terrain they are designed for.

Best Road Bike For Novice Rider

The road bike is a bicycle designed for traveling at speed.

It’s typical for road bikes to have drop handlebars, sleek tires, and to place the rider’s bum higher than their hands with their lifted chair. 

10 Reasons Why Fixies Are Better Than Road Bikes

Here are some reasons why fixes are better than road bikes.

1. Fixies Are Lighter  

A fixed gear bike weighs less than a road bike. The weight difference is caused by the lack of a rear sprocket system, gear levers, derailleurs and lighter chain ring.

Also the lesser weight serves as an advantage to the bike owner as many cities have multi stored buildings that may either have an elevator or not. This makes having a lighter bike important for city use.

2. Fixies Are Not Costly 

It is less expensive to have a fixed gear bike than a road bike. This is because a fixie has fewer components than a road bike. 

Also they’re not constructed with the same material as the road bike.

3. Fixies Do Not Get Stolen Often

Because of the fewer parts used in constructing a fixie, they are not expensive in the market which makes them less desirable to theft. 

The resale value is not high enough for anyone to risk their freedom.

Also they are harder to ride if stolen so a thief might find it hard to escape with the bike after completing their mission.

4. Fixies Can Be Easily Repaired

Fixies are less expensive to repair and easier to maintain due to the small number of components they contain. 

To maintain a fixie, you should regularly lubricate the chain drive and ensure that all components are secured and tightened. 

Asides from these parts, you would need to regularly change the brake pads due to natural wear and tear. 

A fixie will not suffer a complex issue because it lacks the complex components of a road bike asides from the regular wheel removal, cleaning and other minor repairs. 

In the unlikely event that the chain or spokes break, they can be easily and inexpensively replaced as compared to a road bike which can be both difficult and expensive to repair.

5. Fixies Can Be Easily Stored

You can store a fixie comfortably in a tiny space than a road bike because the handlebars and the front and rear wheel can be easily detached. 

You can also store your fixie for an extended period due to its flexibility.

You can store a fixie under your bed or in your closet. This can prove difficult to do with a road bike. 

6. Fixies Are Highly Efficient 

Fixies are more efficient for cycling than the road bike because a fixie can transfer energy from the pedal to the rear wheel. 

This is because the fixie chain is straighter and shorter and there is a lack of gear pulleys behind the bike. 

However, this might be a minor factor for cyclists. But if you spend much time on the bike you will feel the difference.

7. Relaxing To Ride

You can ride a fixie easily because you don’t have to shift gears rather you focus on pedaling, braking, and monitoring the surrounding traffic.

You have to pay attention to every movement around you. There are different traffic laws you have to abide by.

Riding a simple bike would allow you concentrate on the road rather than the complexities of riding a bike. 

8. Improved Workout System

You cannot coast on a fixed gear bike because the lack of gears and connection to the wheels require the rider to do some work. The wheels move along with the movement of your leg. 

This effort keeps your cardiovascular system and heart beat pounding at top speed as if you’re exercising on a spinning bike. 

While a number of people don’t ride bikes to stay fit, a fixie requires you to put effort in the ride with your legs. This helps you keep fit whether you want it or not.

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9. Strong Bond Between Rider & Road

If you do a survey between many bike riders, many would tell you a fixie is more enjoyable and engaging.

The link between the rider and the bike is more direct due to the lack of brakes and complex gearing mechanism. 

Here we have discussed in details Why Do Fixies Have No Brakes.

10. Fixies Look Cool

Fixies are more sexy than a road bike. They’re quite sleek and streamlined more than the road bike.

They are visually appealing due to their mechanical simplicity and modern design.

Final Verdict

Hopefully these listed reasons can convince you on why a fixie is better than a road bike.

A fixie is better for city living than a road bike and you can finally make up your mind to ditch your road bike for a fixie after reading this article.

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