Are Fixed Gear Bikes Good For Commuting? (Explained)

Are Fixed Gear Bikes Good For Commuting

In the fast-paced rhythm of modern urban life, the choice of a commuting companion can significantly impact your daily journey. Fixed-gear bikes, with their minimalist design and direct connection between rider and machine, have been gaining popularity as a stylish and efficient option for city commuting. As we pedal into the discussion of whether fixed-gear … Read more

Why Do Fixies Have No Brakes? (Explained)

Why Do Fixies Have No Brakes

Fixies have no brakes because they are mainly designed for track racing competitions. It enhances faster and smoother rides on the track. But you have a beautiful Fixie in your garage right? and you would want to ride it on the road someday.  Guess what? You are well understood. Hence, this article is prepared to … Read more

Are Fixies Faster Than Road Bikes (Explained)

Are Fixies Faster Than Road Bikes

Yes, Fixies are faster than road bikes. A fixed-gear bike has no conventional gearing making it more efficient. This results in fewer drivetrain losses and no derailleur. So, you can go faster on a fixie than on a traditional road bike. While the fixie is faster than a conventional road bike, many different variables are … Read more