What Is A Bidon In Cycling? (Answered)

The Bidon is a plastic water container cyclists use to remain hydrated while racing or riding. This plastic bottle has been developed and refined as time goes on for essential use by cyclists. 

The word Bidon is a French word for Bida. Historically, bidons were metal bottles with cork-sealed openings.

It came with a cage to hold it, which was hung on the handlebars. Along the line, cyclists discovered that they were better hung on the seat tubes or the down tube and reverted to that position.

With time, using the aluminum bottle was not that easy anymore. Players discovered how easy it was to drink from a plastic bidon, and the aluminum bidon became extinct. 

In this article, we’re going to look at why these bottles are called Bidons and how you can drink from one.

Why Are Bottles Called Bidons?

Bidon is a French word obtained from Bida, which means vessel or container. Because of how they could reserve enough liquid contents, people started calling these bottles bidons in reference to their vessel shape.

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They first appeared after WWI, and they’re made of aluminum with cork stoppers. The aluminum bidons were made in the same shape and size as the modern bidons.

Cyclists started using aluminum bidons in their races and mounted them on their handlebars in cages. 

When the modern bidons were introduced, athletes began to carry both along in the same cages. 

What kind of Water Bottles Do Pro-Athlete Use? 

Pro-Athlete uses plastic bidons during their races. They use these bidons because they are easy to clean, cheap to make, and simple. You will not find any other product better than plastic bidons. 

There are many types of plastic bottles available in the market. These plastic bottles are designed to be easily used by the athlete.

They usually have a push-button top that can be operated with one hand while riding with the other. 

You should drink 64 ounces of water daily to look and perform well as an athlete. 

You have got to find either the best or one of the best water bottles or bidons in the market. 

There are so many to choose from, but you have to choose among :

  • Cacktaki,
  • the coldest,
  • Brita filtering water bottle,
  • under armor sideline, and
  • simple modern ascent. 

There are still many more water bottles out there, so you’ve got to choose one and go hard with it so that all your hard work doesn’t go in vain.

How Many Bidons Do You Need?

The number of bidons you need for a ride depends on the type of ride length you take. There are about three ride lengths, and each has its number of water bottles that will make the ride effective.

While preparing for your ride, note that there is no general advice on hydration. 

So the number of bidons you carry will depend on your training routine, the type of ride, the outside temperature, and your riding level.

  • Use one Bidon for a short ride of 1 and half hours for moderate riding or workout intensity.
  • Use two bidons for a medium-length ride of 1 and half hours to three hours, or you can use one bid but stop to refill.
  • Use two to three bidons for a long ride of three or more hours. You could use fewer bidons but must make refills.

How To Drink From A Bidon?

With its grip collar and ergonomic shape, this sports bottle is easy to grip and squeeze. When on your bike, use your mouth to gently pull on or push in the cap to access and shut off the water.

The way you drink the contents of your Bidon during a race depends on your type of Bidon. There are bidons with hard-pressed flip covers or soft bite valves.

To drink from the hard-pressed flip-cover bidon while riding :

  • Press the button close to the bidon cap to flip the lid open and
  • Drink some water.
  • Press the cap against the bottle mouth to cover the Bidon.

For the soft bite valve, gently pull on the soft cap with your mouth and take a drink from your bottle. Push down the cap after drinking to shut the bottle and prevent leakages. 

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What Is A Coconut Bidon? 

A Coconut Bidon is a designed container capable of holding at least 40 units of water. It is mostly used to collect water from rivers and ponds and can be used to store water from rain as well.

Clean water can be collected from rivers and ponds with the coconut bidon. 

You can also use coconut bidons to store water from rain-filled coconut water collectors, half shells, and water filters.

To get clean water, filter the dirty water from the Bidon into coconut half shells and place them on fire. 

It is possible to drink directly from coconut bidons and consume the contents.

How Do You Fill A Coconut Bidon?

Fill up a coconut bidon by opening the container latch and placing it right under the water source or scoping the water directly into the bottle through the bottle’s mouth.

Filling a coconut bidon is not as easy as a plastic bidon because of its design. 

This Bidon is designed like the shape of a coconut and not a plastic bottle so you have to pay more attention when using this Bidon.

Open the coconut bidon latch and scope water directly from the water source or place it under a water flow and fill up your bottle. 

However, the coconut bidon is unlike the plastic bidon as it can carry more water than plastic. 


Now that you’ve learned the word for cyclist’s water bottles don’t go around calling them water bottles anymore. Refer to its real name while discussing with other riders.

With the recent ban on discarding bidons, riders must wash and clean them properly after use. 

According to observation, it collects a high volume of microorganisms if not properly cleaned after use.

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