How Fast Does A 40cc Dirt Bike Go? (Answered with Tips)

A 40cc Dirt Bike can go as fast as 22mph. This is the ideal bike for new starters and U-13 kids who are new to the off-road riding experience. 

The 40cc dirt bike comes with a maximum rider weight of 165 pounds and except you’re looking for something bigger, this is the perfect bike for your kids to begin their learning experience. 

This bike weighs 46 pounds and the height of the seat is 26 inches. The bike has a speed range of 15mph-22mph but several features will determine if it reaches its full speed limit.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the features that determine 40CC bike speed and the speed of a 40CC Dirt bike compared to other bikes. 

Finally, we have given 6 awesome tips to make your 40CC bike faster and improve its performance. 

Keep scrolling till the end and you’ll get your answer for sure. 

Features That Determine How Fast a 40CC Bike Can Go?

How Fast Does a 40CC Dirt Bike Go

A 40cc dirt bike comes with a forty cubic centimeters engine, which powers the bike and is responsible for its speed limit. 

With this engine, you can attain a speed range of 15mph-22mph, which is perfect for kids and will satisfy their speed cravings. 

However, the speed limit they can attain will depend on certain features of the bike, which will be explained.

For your beginner kid who is craving adventure, this is the perfect bike for them.

There are some features that determine how fast a 40CC bike can go. These features are listed below : 

1. Engine

This bike has a 4-stroke engine which is the best for kids because it is more stable and slower than the 2-stroke engine making it the recommended option for beginners.

2. Speed

As a beginner, you’re more conscious about your stability than speed in your first off the road experience which is why this bike is the best. 

With its maximum speed limit, you can gain stability while increasing your confidence on an off-the-road trail. 

3. Age Limit

The age of the rider matters as well. A 40cc dirt bike is designed for kids U-13 and would not be suitable for anyone older. 

It also wouldn’t serve the purpose for which it was designed, leaving the rider experiencing a reduced speed limit. 

Although many manufacturers have claimed that their 40cc dirt bike can also be suitable for kids up to 16yrs. 

3. Weight

40cc dirt bikes are designed to bear a weight capacity of 160 to 165 pounds which is the perfect limit for kids. 

Riding this bike with a limit above the maximum weight limit will affect the bike’s speed extremely. 

So it’s best to keep it as light as possible on the ride to attain maximum speed. 

4. Transmission 

To reach the top speed limit, the rider must apply the required energy and effort. But for the 40cc dirt bike, the rider can attain full speed due to its automatic transmission without much effort.

5. Fuel Capacity

A 40cc dirt bike has 2 fuel tank options. A 0.32 gallons tank and a 1.8 liter tank. 

Fuel tanks with bigger capacities are capable of delivering more mileage before emptying.

The Speed of a 40CC Dirt Bike as Compared To Others? 

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In comparison to other bikes, the 40cc dirt bike is considered one of the slowest. The reason for this is that the bike is created for new learners looking to learn stability.

The size of the bike’s engine is perfect for its speed because the bigger the engine size, the slower the bike’s speed. 

If you want something faster, that means you’re no longer a learner and should look towards the 50cc dirt bike with a speed range of 25 mph-40 mph.

How To Make Your 40cc Dirt Bike To Go Faster?

While the 40cc dirt bike has a fixed speed range, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fast ride. 

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Let’s look at some factors that can aid you in riding faster as a learner :

Use of High Octane Gas

High octane gas is the best option for smoother rides and top speed. 

It is advisable that you invest in high octane gasoline because it gives you good mileage and handles your engine perfectly. 

So invest in high octane gas to save money on maintenance and gas.

Tire Pressure Maintenance

Everyone hates taking a wobbly ride or having to tumble from their ride when in motion. 

So ensure that before you leave to ride for the day, check the tire pressure to ensure that the tire is in perfect order.

Smooth Terrain Ride

A 40cc dirt bike is neither a fast car nor a powered bike that can run easily on any terrain. 

Riding on a rocky, snowy, stormy, and muddy terrain will definitely affect the speed of the bike.

However, a ride on smooth and clean terrain will enable you to achieve top speed easily and enjoy the bike ride.

Check Your Air Filters Regularly

If you have done all of the above listed here and are still unable to achieve top speed, then you need to check your air filters.

The air filters are used to catch all manner of dirt and dust. Try to keep them clean as regularly as possible to enable you to attain your desired speed limit.

If you are used to cleaning the air filters repeatedly, and there’s no Improvement, then you will need to change the air filter.

Check Exhaust Regularly 

The exhaust of the 40cc dirt bike enables the bike engine to breathe properly and avoid overheating. 

Always check your exhaust to see that it’s functioning properly, and try to invest in a good exhaust to enable your bike to function properly.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the best options for new beginners and upcoming riders. The 40cc dirt bike is very comfortable for kids and comes with a twist grip throttle to fire the bike to your desired speed limit. 

They will also gain the ability to brake from both the front and back without having to worry about the bike going too fast.

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