How To Convert A Mountain Bike To A Gravel Bike?

How To Convert A Mountain Bike To A Gravel Bike

Are you tired of sticking to the paved roads on your mountain bike?  Do you yearn for the freedom to explore gravel paths and dirt trails?  Look no further;  In this article, I will show you how to convert your trusty mountain bike into a versatile gravel machine.  Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking new off-road … Read more

Top 10 Best Chain Lube For Mountain Bikes In 2024

Welcome, fellow mountain biking enthusiasts. As we all know, the right chain lube can make a world of difference in the performance and longevity of our beloved mountain bikes. Whether you’re a seasoned rider tackling rugged trails or a weekend warrior exploring local paths, finding the best chain lube is crucial for a smooth and … Read more

Can You Powder Coat Aluminum Bike Frame? (Explained)

Can you powder coat aluminum bike frame

You can powder-coat the aluminum bike frame because any metal surface can be coated. This process involves removing the old paint, sandblasting to prep the metal surface, applying a powder coat, and baking.  Powder coating is a fantastic way of protecting your aluminum bike frame from losing its appeal.  Since the aluminum frame is resistant … Read more

Why Does My Bottom Bracket Click? (Reason And Solution)

why does my bottom bracket click

As a cyclist, you may have experienced a clicking sound coming from the bottom bracket area of your bike.  This sound can be annoying and a sign of a potential issue with the bottom bracket, bearings, crankset, or chainring. Ignoring this sound can lead to more significant problems, including safety hazards and costly repairs.  Therefore, … Read more