The 10 best bike lock for hitch rack in 2023

If you’re a biker then you know the importance of bike lock. There are many kinds of bike in the market. Which bike is the best bike lock for hitch rack?

In this article, we’ll know the importance of bike lock and how to lock bike to a hitch rack.

We’ll also listed top 10 best bike lock for hitch rack for you. So lets get started..

What Is A Bike Hitch Rack?

If you’re a biking sport lover then the bike hitch rack is for you. The bike hitch rack is one of those racks you can mount at the trailer hitch at the rear of your car.

This rack allows you to hang and get your bike off the rack with ease unlike other types of rack. The rack is easy to install and use but it extends your vehicle length so you can’t back up easily or maneuver in tight spaces.

Due to their position, they limit access to your vehicle’s rear. However the latest models swing away from your vehicle or tilt downwards and grant you access to the rear. 

There are two types of hitch racks. The platform-style and the last-style rack. If you need to get one, you should choose a rack that’s compatible with your hitch receiver’s size. 

Top 10 best bike lock for hitch rack

Importance of locking your bike

You would notice that your bike dealer might have been cajoling you to buy a bike lock when you came to make payment for your bike. You might be thinking he just wants to make sales but buying a bike lock is essential to your use of the bike. 

It doesn’t matter the make of the bike you have purchased, you would actually need a bike lock on all types of bikes because of bike theft. Bike theft has become a very common crime in the US and would require serious measures to avert.

Yearly, thousands of bikes are stolen at various parts of the country and the reason why they could be stolen is because they weren’t locked. Using a bike lock to lock your bike when parked acts as a safety measure.

So when you have bought that bike of your choice, ensure to buy a sturdy lock also. A sturdy lock will ensure that your bike is held in place firmly when parked or idle and can’t be ridden away or moved without unlocking the lock. 

How to Lock Bike To A Hitch Rack

You already know that a bike hitch rack is one of the best carriers available on the market. They’re the best if you want to bring more than one bike along on your trip. 

With this hitch rack you don’t have to worry about leaving any bike behind. You can go along with all your bikes and when you arrive at your destination you unhook your bike and ride it.

However, before you take the bike to your location, how do you lock the bike to the hitch rack properly? Here are steps of how you can lock your bike to a hitch rack properly.

Steps to lock your bike to a hitch rack

Here are steps to lock your bike to a hitch rack. 

Check the hitch rack

Before installing your rack, check that it is not wobbling or shaking. Ensure that it is secured and stand firm while you drive. If you’re satisfied that the rack is fine, look out for loose parts that can cause the rack to slip while you drive.

Remove all bike accessories

Remove all the accessories attached to your bike. Carry them separately because it’s not supposed to be installed with the bike on the rack. 

Get extra lock straps

To successfully install your bike on a rack you have to make the bike quite secure to the rack. To do this, you would need extra long locking straps and normal locking straps to hold the bike in place and give it balance. 

Lift the bike to the rack

With the necessary tool, begin to secure your bike to the rack. You must hang your bike in such a way that the handle doesn’t move. You can ask for help while lifting your bike to ensure it is placed properly and the handle doesn’t move. 

Lock your bike tires first

If you properly place your bike in its position, it should lock automatically to the rack causing the front wheel to cease movement. You can start trying your strap now.

Start by tying the strap around the bike frame’s center. This will hold the bike frame stable and keep the installation balanced. 

A strap that can hold the equipment in place is essential if you use the hitch rack. Keeping your bike secure with a strap is critical to preventing theft. There will always be a difference when you have an extra strap.

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