Mountain Bike Sizing Guide : What Size Should I Buy?

Confused to determine your appropriate size of the mountain bike?

An inappropriate size of mountain bike is enough to destroy the joy of your riding. Unfortunately, it not only causes handling problems but also uncomfortable for long rides.

Hence, selecting the perfect size of mountain bike is a considerable factor while you’ll make a buying decision.

But to find the bike size that best fit to you is really a tedious work. Only a size guide of mountain bike can be useful to you.

Reading our mountain bike sizing guide will be the most helpful to you to choose the right size bike for maximum comfort and minimum chance of injury.

Mountain Bike Sizing Guide

If you think about comfort as well as safety while buying a mountain bike ask yourself “What size should I buy?”

To find out the answer and the perfect size of mountain bike for you, let’s go into the details of the frame sizes.

Frame Sizes

In general, mountain bike frame measurements are expressed in inches.Usually, the two measurements that you should emphasize while considering the frame sizes are:

  • Seat tube length and stand over
  • Top tube length and reach.

Seat Tube Length And Stand Over

The perfect seat tube length provides you a usable stand over the gap. Sit on the bike seat. If you able to touch the ground only with your tipsy toes, it’s the perfect seat tube length for you.

Top Tube Length And Reach

Top tube length and reach along with the stem length, handlebar position and seat position, it controls your riding performance. Sit on the bike seat, look whether you comfortably reach the handlebars without being stretched too far or being squeezed too close together.

Problems Caused By The Improper Frame Size

A too big mountain bike frame may cause:

  • Less control of the bike
  • A sore back
  • Wince-inducing experiences

A too small mountain bike frames may cause:

  • Injury on longer rides
  • Potential toe overlaps problems
  • back problems while sitting down on longer rides

Anatomy of a Mountain Bike

We all are different shapes and sizes, so while choosing the mountain bikes, so we recommend using the anatomy of a mountain bike figure below. First, you need to know the anatomy of a mountain bike, Let’s see the different part/section of a mountain bike.

mountain bike sizing guide

  • This diagram shows the different parts/section mountain bike frame


Look at our Mountain bike sizing table which demonstrates the different frame size with different height ranges.

Look at our Mountain bike sizing table which demonstrates the different frame size with different height ranges.

Rider Height
(in inches)
Rider Inseam Length
(in inches)
Frame Size
(in inches)
Descriptive Frame Size
4'11 - 5'325-2713-15Small
5'3 - 5'727-2915-17Small - Medium
5'7 - 5'1129-3117-19Medium
5'11 - 6'2231-3319-21Large
6'2 - 6'433-3521-23XL - Extra Large
6'4 and up35 and up23 inches and upXL - Extra Large

The proper adjustment of the frame size and your height can remove all the frustration of your bike riding.

However, We’d always recommend looking at manufacturers’ own size charts, which will usually list a suggested height range for each bike frame size they produce, but here are some general guidelines:

Small: Frame Size 13-15 inches and generally for riders between 4’11” – 5’3″ and Rider Inseam Length 25″-27″.

Medium: Frame Size 17-19 inches and generally for riders between 5’7″- 5’11” and Rider Inseam Length 29″-31″.

Large: Frame Size 19-21 inches and generally for riders between 5’11” – 6’22” and Rider Inseam Length 31″-33″.

XL – Extra Large: Frame Size 21-23 inches and generally for riders between 6’2″ – 6’4″ and Rider Inseam Length 33″-up.

(Note hybrid bike sizes tend to be 3 to 4in bigger for riders of the same height)

Video on Mountain Bike Sizing Guide

We’ve put together this Mountain Bike Sizing Guide to assist you in choosing the right size mountain bike for you.

Final Words

Thanks for your interest to read our Mountain Bike Sizing Guide.

After going through our guide, all of your confusions related to mountain bike sizing are now clear to you.

You should agree that there is nothing more enjoyable than having a riding around on a perfect size bike.

A perfect size mountain bike may become an addition to your body and it’s absolutely worth putting in an effort to select the one that is right for you.

Have a more enjoyable and comfortable riding!

Mountain Bike Sizing Guide
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