How To Hang A Bike From The Ceiling?

Generally, keeping the bike in the ground can take your space. Hanging a bike can be a great idea to get more space. There are easy, inexpensive ways to free up space in the garage. You can easily do that in some simple steps.

We show you how to hang a bike from the ceiling in this article. Here you’ll learn that you can either do it vertically or even horizontally. Whatever suits in your favor.

How To Hang A Bike From The Ceiling

This will be the most descriptive part with all the different options on how to hang a bike on the ceiling. We’ll also show you how to hang bikes on walls, which will be a piece of additional information.

There are many different ways to perform that, and these techniques will be elaborated further in this article. Here we will mention their names and short description.

  • Ceiling lift / floater hoist installment
  • Ceiling hook/ tire hook

The best way to hang a bike

One can get to go for a horizontal or vertical hanging position. Usually, many households do not have a tall ceiling, so in that case, horizontally setting your bike to the roof is a fantastic idea. It not only saves up the spot but also does not make the room look smaller.

To hang a bike horizontally, you can use floater hoist installation. To hang a bike vertically is a much easier method.

In a vertical upside-down method, the bike stays upside down. There are only two hanging hooks used in this method. We only use light bikes in this method. The process is relatively simple. You only need to drill two hooks into the ceiling and then hang the tires into it. That’s all it needs to hang a bike into the ceiling beautifully.

How to hang a bike from the ceiling horizontally

We will explain the way of hanging a bike on the ceiling horizontally below. This bike installation is known as ” floater hoist installation.” We will discuss this process of installation step-by-step so you can easily do it yourself. Quickly you’ll know how to hang a bike from the ceiling.

Floater hoist Installation

You can easily order this set online. Open the wrap, and you’ll see two beams. One beam is significant, and another beam is smaller comparatively.

Remove all the parts from the longer beam, and now you’ll find it simple, like a rod with no attachments. Then take the big beam and insert it in the small beam’s head. Keep exactly enough beam length or the edge so that you can attach the end pulley to the big beam. You can use the 6 by 50-millimeter screw to attach the small beam to the big beam.

There are 2 pulleys on the big beam (excluding the hub), 1 pulley on the small beam. Align all of them towards the hub. You’ll see a steel rod inside the package, That is used to set this into the ceiling.

Then you measure the distance between the beams, how wide they are, and look for a decent spot onto the ceiling. You can mark where the hub will be, and then it’ll be easier for one to set it.

Though the floater hoist frame is pretty light in weight, it’s suggested that someone should hold the frame before installing it. Once the center one is secured, you can go to the beams; after one beam is secured, you will no longer need help. Then steel both sides into the ceiling.

Then you start with the ropes by putting them into the pulley at the hub. There are three ropeways, and it will take the middle one. This rope will take the nearest pulley on the big beam. The ropes are usually color-coated for easy recognition. Then you get that rope into the pulley on the beams with the hook. This hook is what is going to get attached to the bike. Now tie a big knot at the end to make it stable.

The next rope will go towards the small beam so put it in that ropeway close to the small beam. Make sure to get it through the hole so the rope can take a smooth turn towards the small beam. Then attach it into the pulley with the hook with it, then use the end of the rope to make a knot so it stays stable and doesn’t get out from the hole. One good tip is to ensure that the knot is very stable and won’t fall through the hole.

Now we again go-to words for the pulley that is at the end of the long beam. Use the same mechanics to fit the rope as we did in the other two. Then the 2 far ones will hook to the wheels, and the middle one will hook to the bike frame. Make sure that the pulley is not twisted.

You have to pull the other 3 ends of the toe to lift the bike to the ceiling. This is the most effective and fantastic way to put a bike up into the ceiling horizontally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is it OK to hang the bike from the ceiling?

It is OK to hang a bike from the ceiling. There are different ways to hanging bikes. Usually, it’s seen that people hang bikes parallelly to the walls. That’s a good way, but that doesn’t save enough space unless you plan to hang multiple bikes in that manner. People tend to go towards hanging bikes in the ceiling because they can save a lot of space. This is a remarkable way to save space and, alongside it, does not harm the bike.

Hanging a bike upside down is OK. It would help if you also tried it.

2. Is hanging a bike upside down bad for it?

Hanging a bike upside down does not cause any harm to begin with.

One thing to mention, which is turning the bike upside down will transfer the air, making the brakes spongy. This does not make this way of keeping the bike bad.

In a well-maintained bike, there should not be any air bubbles in the brake, to begin with. This means keeping the bike vertically might even reveal what you need to fix, and we count it as a friend rather than a foe.

There is also a technique to avoid that. If you put hydro upside down, don’t press the brake levers while the bike is inverted. If one does, then likewise, the bubbles will get forced into the lines, and that will harm your bike’s performance.

3. Is it OK to hang a carbon bike?

There are many options and ways. To store bikes. You can use a wheel hanger, Top horizontal shelf, ceiling hook/claw, ceiling lift, and many other ways. These are the common ones. You can use any one of them.

Carbon fiber bikes are a lot lighter compared to aluminum frames. Many people think that hanging by the wheels might be problematic for heavy bikes. But this is not a problem at all. This is the most efficient and the most cost-effective way to hang a bike on the ceiling. No report says hanging a bike in this manner caused anybody trouble. So you can confidently try the methods.

If you plan to store multiple bikes, then be pretty careful when you are hanging them or taking them out for a ride.

4. Is it OK to hang a mountain bike?

Mountain bikes are no different. They are the same as any other bikes. They all have this one single issue, and other than that, it is good to go. If the brake line already has air bubbles in it, putting it upside down will reduce the efficiency of the brakes. You don’t want yourself to be in a bad position while driving a bike.

If your bike doesn’t have any air bubbles in the brake pipe, then there is no issue to begin with. You are caching it on the ceiling using a ceiling lift or using a wheel hanger or ceiling hook.


This is all the important information regarding bike installation into the ceiling. Following those methods, you can easily hang your beautiful beast in the ceiling. This does not cause any trouble to your bikes, and all the process is user friendly.

If you just have a drill machine and some screwdrivers, you are good to go. So do not think twice and just get this user-friendly equipment and hang your bikes into the ceiling.

I hope this little article helped you understand how to hang a bike from the ceiling. Thank you so much for your time, and I wish you the very best.