Top 10 Best Bicycle Grips For Hybrid Bike [2022]

Bike grips are the best way to relieve the pressure on your hands while riding. Comfort bike grips offer better hand support on flat or riser handlebars due to their ergonomic designs and/or additional padding.

The comfort grip is ideal for hybrid bikes where you keep your hand in the same position for prolonged periods. With these comfort grips, you can adjust the hand position by adjusting the built-in bar ends.

In this article, we’ll review the most comfortable hybrid bike grips in the market. This can help make your selection easier.

Editor Pick Most Comfortable Hybrid Bike Grips

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Top 10 Best Bicycle Grips For Hybrid Bike

1. Emoly Bike Handlebar Grips and Ergonomic Design

The Emoly bike handlebars grip is made from high-quality rubber. The ergonomic design is important for riding as it provides quality grip and comfort. It also reduces fatigue and vibration in riding. 

The side-inner rings are made from an aluminum alloy so when they’re locked on you don’t need to worry about falling or the bike grips loosening. This is perfect for a 23mm diameter handlebar.

  • Easy to install
  • Offers a comfortable and more secure feel while riding
  • Handle locks firmly when installed
  • Helps distribute upper body weight better
  • Screws can fall out easily if roughly handled
  • Quality control on the product can be lacking

2. Cult x Vans Grip 143mm Black – best bike grips for commuting

The Cult and Vans black 143mm grip is created from its related rubber compound. It features the classic Vans waffle sole pattern with a section for improved comfort and vibration dampening. 

The grip was designed by Cult and sent to ODI for production. They are super comfortable. They’re meant to slide on like any other standard rubber grip. You need a throttle tube for these grips to work on your bars. 

They are sticky and soft and offer a smooth feel when touched. Its waffle pattern made it stand out amongst its competitors in the market. 

  • They are straight, tight, and stick on when installed
  • Offers a soft but hard sturdy grip
  • They don’t stretch, fade or lose color from use
  • Perfectly cushions the palms against the bike’s hard iron surface
  • Might not offer the best grip for people with sweaty palms
  • Not easy to install. Might need extra help to complete the process

3. Wolf Tooth Silicone Mountain Grips

This ergonomic grip features a unique cam profile that lets you choose the best position for your hand and riding style. 

Hand fatigue and finger numbness are reduced with its 9.5mm grip thickness, making it an ideal choice for riders with large or gloved hands.

This foam has a 36mm diameter which makes it the thickest silicone foam grip on the market. With or without gloves, its tacky texture provides excellent grip. 

Its facets create edges on the grip which forms added grip and point of contact for your hands. 

  • It is the thickest silicone foam grip with a 36mm installed diameter
  • Tacky texture offers grip with or without gloves
  • Ergonomic shape makes for reduced circumference
  • Fits all mountain bike handlebars and comes with a bar end plug
  • They’re quite soft so they might be chewed up before rubber grips
  • Might take a few rides to master

4. Oury Single Compound V2 Grips

The anti-vibration of Oury’s large pad design cancels slipping and numbness in your hands. Its handsomely detailed design adds beauty to your bike

Get maximum comfort and excellent control when you use this ultra-soft rubber on your bike handle. The grips are easy to install and have a host of different colors to aid your choice-making. 

The grips are large so any type of hand shape will fit it perfectly. Its block design provides extra traction for your hand. Enjoy riding around on an Oury as it reduces the vibration felt while riding. 

  • Large pad design to cancel slipping and numbness
  • Extremely soft rubber feels good to handle
  • Has a longer-lasting period than a lock-on grip
  • They come in 14 colors that can match your bike
  • Superior vibration dampening while riding
  • If not properly installed with alcohol they will slip off
  • Some users say they become extra sticky during the rain

5. ODI Lock Bonus Pack Ruffian

The ODI Lock Bonus Pack Ruffian offers a fine texture and firm feel that provides solid contact with your handlebars. Its Lock-On grip uses an ultra-narrow knurled surface and Lock-On Grip System technology to offer the rider ultimate control. 

Its lock-on feature has separate parts for clamps, grip, and end cap that makes it easy to install. It also offers enough padding for your hands. This grip is ideally suited for riders with gloves or smaller hands. 

  • Easy to install
  • Offers solid grip with or without gloves
  • Lock-on design does not slip
  • Made with quality material
  • Allen bolts can be low quality
  • Can be expensive
  • Can be slippery when wet

6. ODI Hardcore Bicycle Bonus Pack Black 

The hardcore bonus pack has a durable and comfortable design. Its dual-ply design gives your handlebar better adhesion. 

These dual-ply grips feature a knurled grip surface, emblazoned with specially-angled 3D Yeti logos to keep you holding on with composure and confidence.

The large outer logo pads provide extra traction to the palm. Its super soft outer layer design offers a comfortable feel to the palm while absorbing vibration

  • Good grip texture
  • Can be used with or without gloves
  • Palm pads offer extra comfort
  • Wider construction can fit any hand shape
  • Solid rubber grips for its price range
  • Would not maintain the same grip when wet
  • Can be a bit pricey when compared to other brands

7. ODI Elite Pro Lock-On Bike Grips

The ergonomic design of the ODI elite grip offers fitting to the rider’s palm without feeling too bulky. It provides excellent padding to areas of the palm where it is needed most.

The half-waffle pattern on the grip’s front provides extra control. It has a variable knurl pattern that changes between a smooth and sharp texture to offer more traction to your palm without irritating your hands. 

Its reinforced end is molded out of a durable and soft material to stop grip blowout. 

  • Decent price for this great pair of grip
  • The raised section offers a solid combination for long rides and grip
  • Offers a large amount of comfort
  • Can be used with or without gloves
  • Lack of end caps can cause scratches at the end of this grip
  • Not large enough to fit every hand shape

8. Renthal G175 Natural Compound Sportbike Grip

The Renthal G175 natural compound sportbike offers the most advanced grip in the market. This grip is made with increased wear resistance, all the properties expected from a Renthal, and the life expectancy of Kevlar brand resin.

As you use this grip, it exposes more particles on the surface. The result is revolutionary with the softest material ever produced. It lasts three times longer than the current soft material.

  • Provides an extended period of grip due to its surface
  • The size of the grip does not interfere with the brake or clutch
  • Offers the perfect control on a racetrack
  • Much thinner than stock grips but offers a nice feel
  • Not quite long enough for many handlebars
  • Might need a screwdriver to assist in sliding them unto the bar
  • They become stained easily

9. Renthal G176 Diamond Compound Sportbike Grip

The Renthal G176 Diamond sportbike grip offers a dual Renthal layer grip. This dual-layer grip combines the durability of the firm compound grip and the absorption qualities of the soft compound grip.

The firm compound is used around the outer end of the grip, the inner sleeve, and the flange for added durability. The outer diameter is made of softer compounds to aid the feel of the thumb, fingers, and palm.

  • Available in standard and tapered dual compound
  • Quite easy to install with compressed air
  • Has safety wire slots so no need for strip glue
  • The rider might feel some vibration while riding
  • Can be quite short for long bars
  • Grips are not extra tacky like the single compound
Odi ODI Ruffian Bicycle Grip Bonus Pack (Black/Black)
  • Diamond zed surface provides optimal traction
  • Ultra Narrow racing profile for less arm pump
  • Lock-On design prevents slipping
  • Includes snap caps end plugs
  • 130mm length

Final Verdict

These are the best bicycle handlebar grip on the market. You can make your selection based on the type that fits your bike handlebar. 

However, not all of these handlebars serve the same purpose so you have to choose the one that suits your riding activity i.e. If it’s racing, a stroll around your neighborhood, or long distance ride.

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